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The things you must know about SAL!
Post time 2023-4-10 18:26:22 | Last replied The day before yesterday 09:34 | From China 楼主
Recently, there are Some Superbuy users have complained about SAL. I think it is necessary to talk about SAL. 1. What is SAL? SAL is a project of China Post International Freight, targeting larger and heavier packages. Goods weighing over 2kg are called SAL large packages. 2. What are the benefits of SAL? Cheap! The most prominent advantage of SAL is its price, which is almost half that of EMS! 3. Why is SAL so cheap? SAL is an economical international logistics service that lies between air express delivery and sea freight, typically cheaper than air transportation but faster than sea freight. On the one hand, SAL does not require high air freight rates like air transportation; On the other hand, SAL may need to carry out land transportation or suspend storage operations midway, which may slightly increase costs, but overall it is still cheaper than regular air transportation. Additionally, SAL typically has restrictions on maximum weight and volume, which helps control costs. 4. How about the effectiveness of SAL? As an economical route, SAL's delivery cycle is between 90 and 150 working days, and due to factors such as package backlog, weather, and customs processing, the delivery time will be longer. If you choose to use this shipping route, Superbuy will not be able to provide compensation or solutions for any problems that may occur. SAL logistics updates are also relatively slow, and there are no after-sales inquiries or any compensation. It should be noted that SAL has restrictions on liquid, powder, battery and magnetic goods. Goods such as oily pens and facial mask may cause domestic customs to return packages. In case of package return, the return time is about 20 working days. Therefore, when selecting the SAL option, it is essential to consider your package's safety and delivery time requirements and choose accordingly! SAL Advantages and Disadvantages CollectionWide coverage Can reach over 200 countries and regions worldwide ✔ Low price More affordable than other routes ✘Slow time efficiency SAL waiting time is usually longer than other lines ✘Inaccurate tracking information SAL logistics tracking information may experience delays or inaccuracies, and customers may not be able to timely understand the status of packages ✘Packages are prone to loss SAL's packages are prone to loss during international transportation without any after-sales inquiries or compensation ✘Slow customer service response Unable to help customers solve problems in a timely manner ✘The package cannot be insured Once a loss occurs, the customer must bear it themselves After the opening of the epidemic, due to the surge in package volume, the abnormal package rate of SAL has also increased. Superbuy is monitoring the abnormal rate of this route in real-time. Once the abnormal rate of this route reaches the warning line, we will immediately adjust the route. As a service platform, Superbuy integrates numerous third-party international logistics providers to provide you with package delivery services for purchasing goods, but does not bear the risks caused by uncontrollable factors in customs policies and cross-border logistics, such as fines, damages, lost items, and delayed delivery during peak hours. If you choose to use SAL shipping route, Superbuy will not be able to provide compensation or solutions for any problems that may occur. Superbuy will assist you in risk estimation and reduce the probability of loss by providing timely risk reminders and continuously improving logistics insurance measures. Superbuy has now added a risk warning and emphasis on the SAL route on the order page. We hope that when placing an order, everyone can consider their own requirements for package safety and timeliness, evaluate the risks themselves, and carefully choose the SAL route! Welcome everyone to speak enthusiastically and express their opinions below the post!

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Post time 2023-4-11 09:38:40 From the mobile phone 沙发

The things you must know about SAL!

I have never used SAL with you before, thank you for the comprehensive post! 😊
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Post time 2023-4-13 14:47:40 板凳
lunestis 发表于 2023-4-11 09:38 I have never used SAL with you before, thank you for the comprehensive post! 😊
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