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Why Superbuy Shopping Agent?
Post time 2019-7-5 10:55:10 | Last replied 2020-6-23 12:06:23 | From China 楼主
Have you noticed that more and more of the interesting, unique, and quality products in your life come from China? Want to unlock the magic of the world’s largest manufacturing powerhouse but having trouble with Alipay and Taobao? Actually, you are just one step away from becoming a shopping guru. All you need is Superbuy shopping agent service!
No need to rely on Google Translate anymore. Superbuy will connect you with major Chinese e-commerce platforms and take care of everything to bring home your dream product.
Superbuy guarantees a worry-free cross-border shopping experience!


【What is Superbuy Shopping Agent?】

As Superbuy’s signature service, Superbuy help its users to buy Chinese products. Superbuy also offer a one-stop service that includes shopping advice (shipping restriction verification), quality inspection, warehousing, shipping, and after-sales services.


【Superbuy’s Advantages】

An industry pioneer of Lifetime Zero Service Fee Guarantee. Users only need to pay for the product and international shipping. However, Superbuy will never skimp on service quality. Superbuy strives to provide users with the best service available. Users are welcomed to compare our fees and service quality with our competitors. We will keep everything visible to our users! Click here to check

24/7 customer service. Our professional customer service experts will answer all your questions. The CEO email is also listed on Superbuy website. If you feel you haven’t received a satisfactory answer or if you have any suggestions for us, please do not hesitate and contact our CEO through email( At Superbuy, we serve with true sincerity.


General Warehousing Services:

Free Quality Inspection – With the quality inspection, your chance of wasting time and money on receiving an unwanted product is minimized.
180-Day Free Storage – You have sufficient time to consolidate the products into one parcel.
Order Consolidation – We pack the products from different orders into one parcel following your requirement, so that you save on international shipping.


✔ With the logistics lines provided by the third-party logistics providers, we can ship to over 100 countries and regions. You will receive your parcel within 3-5 days at the earliest.


Considerate return/exchange services. Our after-sales services does not end when you receive the product. Any issues you have, we will follow through!

【Comprehensive Value-Added Services】


Superbuy, the best way to buy from China, and a friend you can trust!


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Post time 2019-11-3 08:14:20 From the mobile phone 沙发
Superbuy is the best!!
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Post time 2019-11-4 09:54:19 板凳
lingf31 发表于 2019-11-3 08:14 Superbuy is the best!!
Thank you for your support!
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Post time 2020-6-8 01:02:04 地板
Hello I am using your shopping agent feature and my order has been pending over 24hr.  What is the wait time to get order placed or servied?sat  Howru
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Post time 2020-6-9 17:56:22 5#
Hello ,This is mona. Thank you for your feedback and support. You could learn about the processing time limit of purchase orders through the following links:   ;   ;   ; If you have any questions or find that the agent has exceeded the time limit, you could provide us with the corresponding order number(beginning with DI)  for further verification. Please feel free to contact us, thank you. Have a good day!
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Post time 2020-6-20 17:38:24 From the mobile phone 6#
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