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About the Price of Shipping Charge
Post time 2016-11-7 18:04:15 | Last replied 2022-6-19 06:08:52 | From China 楼主
Dear Valued Customers, We have recently received users' and friends' feedback saying some competitors are using several methods, such as emails, QQ, BBS message, Weibo message, etc., to convince our Superbuy users to use their services instead. In fact, this situation has existed for a long time. Superbuy appreciates the attention of our competitors as we believe that this shows that we offer a compelling value proposition to our users and that we enjoy a strong reputation in the market. We never attempt to persuade our users to switch to Superbuy. We normally don't pay attention to this issue, although due to risk factors such as the uncertainty of the global economy and a competitive marketplace, some competitors chose to engage in the above stated practices. We have observed that not only the frequency but also the communication methods have increased lately, with the standard message being 'if you are shipping the parcel with me, you can save MUCH compared with Superbuy'. These kinds of messages have not only harassed our users, but also mislead our users where they might have incurred unexpected results and losses. As a result of this, I think it is time for me to step up and respond to everyone. In terms of price, we at Superbuy are very confident that we offer highly competitive prices. This is a result of being the first e-commerce shopping agent that provides the 'Free Service Fee' promise, and where the price offered is further aided by a highly transparent currency exchange rate. Superbuy is a shopping agent and our intention has never been to earn money from fluctuating exchange rates. Instead, we update monthly a comparison of all the exchange rates that competitors provide, so that users can get greater access to information. Therefore, compared with other similar service providers, we are very confident with our prices based on the results ( Additionally, we would adjust our prices if users tell us that we charge more than others. In fact, our goal is to provide better service than others. If I summarise our goal in one simple sentence, it is 'we will provide better service, in terms of quality and prices, under the same circumstances'. However, as some competitors have claimed that they can offer cheaper prices than us, how would that be possible? Well, that's why I want to emphasize 'under the same circumstances'. If you only compare the 'shipping fee', Superbuy may for all practical reasons not have the lowest rate in the market compared with pure logistics companies or agencies. In contrast, our comprehensive services are incomparable and can't be easily copied. For example, if you encounter any difficulties during your international shopping or shipping experience, other companies in the market may not be able to resolve the issue as efficient as Superbuy. Our goal at Superbuy is to minimize the possible issues that users may be faced with, and respond and solve any problems arising during the shopping process. Therefore, we have spent a lot of resources to create these comprehensive services to our users, including purchase, quality inspection, storage, and packaging. Furthermore, expert service, photo service for quality assurance, promised compensation for damaged goods, etc. and the most important service – the after-sales service – are our featured services. If you have used our service and seen the effort that our team has put into the company, you will understand how different we are. In fact, you can find a lot of very cheap transfer companies from the Shenzhen Huaqiangbei region, but the service level is lower than you can imagine. No quality inspection, frequent loss or misplacement of parcels, no tracking possibility and virtually no customer service. You probably can't contact a person if something happened, and no one will really follow up on your issue. Some competitors even copied our CEO email idea after we have first launched this concept.  But the time and effort we spent to reply can't be copied, this is a company culture fostered at Superbuy. Actually, most of these cheap transfer companies are mainly for business clients who are shipping high margin electronic components or digital products. They don't really care about logistics, if a parcel is lost they can just ship a new one as the items are identical and come at a very low cost. In contrast, as an individual user, every single item in the parcel is important to you, especially if you are shipping them all the way from China, and sometimes you may have special requirements (such as wedding customized items). Just imagine, if your treasured products are handled by those companies, isn't that risky? In fact, Taobao has its own overseas logistics service and in terms of shipping fees, it is similar to ours and convenient to use. However, a lot of users are still willing to use our shopping agent service instead. Why? The reason is simple, Taobao will pass the shipping fee to a third-party logistics company to the users and they do not provide the services that we do. If something goes wrong during the shipping process, Taobao will not be responsible for it and will refer you to those logistics companies instead. If you would like to know reputations on these logistics companies, you can just read users reviews. During Double 11, some of them may give you a very low price to attract you to use their service. However, the end result might not be good and you may be left with few options if your shopping experience is not satisfactory. To be honest, we have been asked to provide some “cheap” shipping routes similar to those type of companies, and we have considered it for a long time. While it could result in a lower price on certain items being shipped to specific locations, it would also affect the ability of Superbuy being able to continue to provide the service level we want to uphold. We are a responsible company and we are always available to listen to our users' feedback. Please feel free to advice what we can do to improve our service. As a user, you may pay attention to the following points: 'Is Superbuy's price reasonable and highly transparent? Is the service good enough?' In our point of view, we believe we can do better in terms of service quality, although it might be affected by external force majeure issues. We are continuously improving our skills and abilities in order to be the best. We appreciate all the feedback from our users and we will accept and pay close attention to them. The only thing we are looking forward to gain from users are a little bit of understanding and patience. Sometimes we encounter obstacles that are difficult to be resolved especially in the logistics industry (please refer to other post: If you can give us a moment of your time, we will highly appreciate it. Thank you once again for all the long-term support. At Superbuy, you are always our valued VIPs and will never be ignored. We will spend all our efforts to satisfy your needs and provide the best solution for you.

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Post time 2021-7-3 14:02:48 From the mobile phone 沙发

About the Price of Shipping Charge

please I went to click review of all my goods wen I have not receive them please help me look out for my good please tank you
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