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Post time 2020-6-8 17:33:48 | Last replied 2020-6-30 10:12:37 | From China 楼主



Notice on Service Resumption of SAL Line

Dear users,

The service of SAL Line has been suspended since 5 June due to extended transit time, but at the request of Superbuy users and given our commitment to ingenious service, we now decide to get it resumed as of today.
Here are a few things you need to know in advance:
1. In terms of parcel processing priority, China Post will give priority to EMS-based parcels. At present, there is no better solution to handle the backlog of SAL-based parcels, which results in increasingly longer transit time.
2. If you choose SAL Line, please note that the transit time will definitely be extended. Once your parcel is sent out, it is almost impossible that it can be stopped from further transportation or be returned. Please be kindly ware of this. In case of urgent parcel, please choose other logistics routes. Thank you for your understanding.
3. If you send parcels to certain countries (Bulgaria, Albania, Puerto Rico, Nigeria), since logistics providers are unable to guarantee on the transit time and may not provide after-sales services, we suggest that you choose other routes. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Superbuy Team
8 June, 2020

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Post time 2020-6-10 05:12:26 沙发
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Post time 2020-6-10 14:33:15 板凳
michellz2000 发表于 2020-6-10 05:12 预留足够长的时间一般是指多久啊?
Dear user,we feel so sorry for that,  SAL Line is a postal economy line.  If you need to choose this line, you must be prepared to wait patiently. The specific transportation time Unable to give accurate reference, thank you for your understanding.
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Post time 2020-6-10 23:27:30 地板
物流部_jack 发表于 2020-6-10 14:33 Dear user,we feel so sorry for that,  SAL Line is a postal economy line.  If you need to choose t ...
FYI, I shipped 2 SALs on April 12 and April 21. They are still in China with the tracking shown "离开【广州国际中心】,下一站【广州国际交换站】(经转)on 2020-04-29 and 2020-04-30. No further update since.   Besides SAL, same problem with EUB which I shipped one on April 21 and still "离开当前城市 发往纽约肯尼迪机场(经转)" on April 26. Hope this information helps.
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Post time 2020-6-14 00:44:21 5#
我五月初用SAL的包裹目前显示状态还是 “离开【广州国际中心】,下一站【广州国际交换站】(经转)”, 发信问客服他们也不知道什么时候才能等到航班
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