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Half of the year has already passed, has your reading plan for the beginning of the year fallen by the wayside? There are so many books to read that it's impossible to finish them all. However, you can still read more. has new arrivals again. Let's take a look at the recommended book list!
1 鳄鱼.jpg
"Crocodile" is a magical play written by the renowned author Mo Yan, ten years after he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Mo Yan once made a vow in front of Shakespeare's statue at his former residence, committing to transform from a novelist to a playwright in the latter half of his life. This book is a testament to that promise and represents Mo Yan's magnificent transformation. The story of "Crocodile" revolves around the protagonist Shan Wudan and the gift he receives at his birthday party, an "alligator." Through brilliant dialogues reminiscent of Shakespeare and imaginative dramatic conflicts, the work vividly portrays a series of typical characters. It not only reflects the author's deep thinking and innovation in literature but also holds profound social significance and serves as an educational warning. Purchase "Crocodile" immediately here.
I haven't read "Crocodile" yet, but after reading the synopsis, it reminds me of the short story "Wedding Present" from "Smoke and Mirrors." So, I would like to recommend "Smoke and Mirrors" to everyone. "Smoke and Mirrors" is Neil Gaiman's first collection of short stories, where he uses exceptional imagination and exquisite description to transform ordinary life into surreal realms. Reading "Smoke and Mirrors" is like entering a whole new reality, veiled in smoke but still within reach. These primal human stories are dangerous and enchanting. Purchase "Smoke and Mirrors" immediately here.
2 凯列班与女巫.jpg
This book revolves around one central question: How can we explain the execution of hundreds of thousands of "witches" during the early modern period in Europe? Why did the rise of capitalism coincide with a war against women? The book is divided into five parts: the daily struggles of peasants and workers before the 15th century, the impact of land privatization and population policies, the rise of the mechanistic body view, the large-scale witch-hunting on the European continent, and the reenactment of witch-hunting strategies in the Americas and the resistance of local women. Silvia Federici engages in a dialogue from a female perspective with Marx's theory of primitive accumulation and Foucault's theory of the body. It presents a powerful challenge to traditional historical narratives and theoretical paradigms. Purchase "Caliban and the Witch" immediately here.
3 狄仁杰奇案.jpg
"Di Renjie's Strange Case" is the Chinese version translated by Gao Luopei himself from the English original "Maze Case." Comparing them, although this book translates the main plot from the English manuscript and retains its essence, it differs significantly in many detailed aspects. It was written specifically for the Chinese readership and incorporates rich traditional Chinese characteristics. This makes it a rare and unique book, given that the author is a foreigner. It holds special value and significance for both general readers and literary researchers. Purchase "Di Renjie's Strange Case" immediately here.
5 甜蜜的,致命的.jpg
"Pure, White and Deadly: How Sugar is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It" was first published in 1972. Although it did not receive widespread attention from the media and the public initially, Gary Taubes' views have now become a consensus in the field of nutrition. In this book, the author argues how sugar damages our bodies, how we can reduce its negative impact, and how the sugar industry uses various means to downplay and distort scientific facts about the harmful effects of excessive sugar consumption. Purchase "Pure, White and Deadly: How Sugar is Killing Us and What We Can Do to Stop It" immediately here.
6 博物大百科.jpg
This book showcases vivid portraits of over 5,000 species, ranging from the hardiness of granite to the softness of grapevines, from bacteria to colossal blue whales. "DK Encyclopedia of Nature" is a curated exploration and documentation of the natural world. The content is compiled by renowned naturalists and certified by the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, offering a visual feast that displays the diversity of species. Purchase "DK Encyclopedia of Nature" immediately here.
7 芯片简史.jpg
"A Brief History of Chips" focuses on popular topics and industries, presenting a complete history of the invention and development of chips over more than 60 years. The author takes the birth and development of chips as the main thread, reorganizing and arranging scattered information from laboratories, magazines, books, and news reports worldwide. With accuracy and scientific rigor, this comprehensive book allows us to deeply understand the personal worlds of chip inventors hidden in history. We can experience their hardships, joys, difficulties, and happiness during the process of invention. By retracing the path of chip invention with them, we can witness how they overcome research challenges and real-world obstacles, making groundbreaking inventions and innovations that change the world. This book bridges the gap between professionals and the general public, providing a technological history of innovation. It not only sheds light on the development of chips but also offers valuable insights into future trends. This is an excellent business book that transcends boundaries and appeals to both professionals and the wider audience. Purchase "A Brief History of Chips".
You can explore and discover your favorite books on by clicking here. This website offers a wide range of books for you to search, browse, and purchase based on your personal preferences. Whether you are interested in classic literature, history, science, or any other genre, has something for everyone. Happy book hunting!
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