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QA about Superbuy standard photo service & detailed photo service
Post time 2023-5-6 16:13:43 | Last replied 2023-5-26 09:34:42 | From China 楼主
Superbuy Standard Photo Service is a service launched to allow customers to understand the real situation of the product before submitting an order, while Detailed Photo Service is a personalized photography value-added service launched to meet the diverse shooting needs of users. Recently, Xiaoxiaobian learned that some users still have questions about Standard Photo Service and value-added Detailed Photo Service. Therefore, I am going to explain these two photo services through QA, hoping to be helpful to all Superbuy users! Q: What photog services does Superbuy provide? A: Superbuy photography services include free photo service and value-added photo services; Standard Photo Service: Each shipping order is eligible for 3 free regular photo services, typically taking ordinary pixel photos from three angles: front, back, and side (or logo) of the product. Detailed Photo Service: Fine photography, high-definition photos taken according to the customer's specific requirements (such as camera angle, location to be taken, etc.), such as detailed product specifications, size photos, etc. Two or fewer sheets are 2 yuan per sheet, and the portion exceeding two or more sheets is 1 yuan per sheet. Q: What are the standards for taking photos? A: Ordinary photography is a service launched to allow customers to understand the real situation of the product in advance, while fine photography is a personalized photography service launched to meet the diverse shooting needs of users. Click to view the standard illustration for ordinary photography>> Click to view the legend for fine photography>> Q: Are all purchase orders eligible for 3 free photos? A: Superbuy provides regular photography services for regular purchase orders and Class A 1688 orders, but does not provide regular photography services for Class B 1688 orders. The purchasing order provides photography standards: Q: If there are multiple items in my order and three regular photos cannot meet the needs of carefully checking each item, what is the solution? A: Each shipping order only enjoys 3 free regular photos, while special orders (orders with a large number of products, various types, irregular products, etc.) are subject to the actual shooting results. When there are multiple products in an order, the main product is usually determined based on the order information or item information. If it cannot be determined, one of them will be selected to take a front and back photo, and the third photo will be a group photo of all the arrived items. If you have multiple items in your order and wish to verify all items, you can split them into multiple shipping orders and submit confirmation for each order. Alternatively, you can choose to take multiple high-definition photos through the Detailed Photo Service. Q: I bought clothes and although I took detailed photos and added a ruler, I couldn't imagine the upper body effect. I'm afraid there might be too much difference between the buyer's show and the seller's show. What should I do? A: If you have purchased clothing and footwear products and are concerned about the unsatisfactory upper body effect, you can choose the Superbuy "Clothing and Footwear Real Person Trial Photography" service. We will match the real-person model closest to your requirements for trial wearing according to your requirements (such as model height, weight, shoe size, etc.) and provide 4 photos from different angles. Legend for a real person try on clothing and footwear photography>> If you need to learn more, you can leave a message in the comments section, visit our help center, or consult online customer service.

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