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【 Xianyu Shopping 】 Metal Badges
Post time 2023-4-14 17:04:10 | Last replied 2023-5-26 18:11:15 | From China 楼主
Although some young people enjoy exploring different social circles, others prefer to show their loyalty by collecting Metal Badges that represent their interests and affiliations. Why are some of us so addicted to such small Metal Badges? What is a Metal Badge? Metal Badge, what we called "Zhangzi" in Chinese, refers to beautifully crafted metal badges, generally divided into "Character Badges" and "Pictorial Badges". Character badges can appeal to both refined and popular tastes, whether featuring Shakespearean poetry, famous quotes, plays, classic movie and TV lines, or cross-talk jokes. Among these, metal badges with lyrics from popular TV dramas are particularly popular. Besides copywriting, the font used in a metal badge is also crucial. A distinctive and attractive font is more likely to be well-received. The pictorial badges can either be an abstract manipulation of real photos or a secondary original design based on popular IPs. The badge itself may not be inherently attractive, but it is the content engraved on it that truly captivates fans with its depth of meaning and emotions. Whether an ordinary badge featuring popular film and TV characters, anime characters, or classic lines and lyrics, it can become a highly sought-after item if engraved in a unique font. To comprehend the Metal Badge circle, one must first understand the "slang" used within the circle, including terms like "Number adjustment" before making a purchase, "Liutuan" during purchase, and "Defect preparation" during shipping. While insiders chat easily, outsiders may struggle to fully grasp these concepts. If you haven't yet delved into this world, let Xiaoxiaobian introduce you to it! Number adjustment: Refers to conducting a number adjustment in a QQ group photo album. Group members can leave a message with the number under their favorite chapter, and comment on as many as they want. Team leader: The person responsible for opening a team in a QQ group, usually with a store. Main reminder: commonly known as "procurement", responsible for contacting manufacturers for production, goods transportation, and group operations. Mutual promotion: It means going to other peer circles to promote one's own metal badges. Cut off the group: A certain metal badge chapter is suspended for sale, and if you want it later, you can wait. Liutuan: The number of members in the group is insufficient to form a group, and those who have already joined the group will receive a refund. Defect preparation: In order to prevent defective products, more products of the same type will be ordered. Surplus: The quantity that exceeds the order quantity, usually remaining in reserve. Transfer order: shipment, you can contact the team leader to receive the order if you want it. After going through this "slang" within the circle, we can also roughly understand the purchasing process of a metal badge. These metal badges are generally not ready-made and must be assembled first. Firstly, the "main designer" designs the metal badge style, and then the "team leader" directs the participants to join the team. They can only enter the production process for the metal badges after forming the team. The amount for a group is usually a deposit. After the samples are produced, the "group leader" organizes the final payment, and then produces according to the predetermined quantity. It usually takes more than 2 months for the participants to receive the desired metal badges. Such a "troublesome" process may still be acceptable in China, but it is not as convenient for foreign enthusiasts. However, please don't panic. If you also like metal badges, perhaps you can come and have a look at the Xianyu APP! Every circle is a besieged city, and Metal Badge Circle is no exception. Some people excitedly acquire one metal badge after another, while others have to sell their precious ones due to various reasons. At this time, we can go fishing to pick up the leak! Here's a guide about how to place a Xianyu order in Superbuy:( For items purchased through the second-hand platform, Superbuy will provide an additional three detailed photos for free!)
When it comes to metal badges, it's important to mention the Keep medal that sold for "500 million"! The competition medals jointly produced by Keep and major anime film and television IPs are both beautiful and textured, making it difficult not to be heartfelt! But the Keep medal has a limit every time, and you have to register and run the mileage to get it, so it's not so easy for you to get it when you're abroad. But it's okay, Xianyu and Superbuy can help you get it!

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