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Saving Tips: Save on Shipping by Reducing Volume / Weight!
Post time 2021-5-11 11:17:16 | Last replied 2021-5-12 22:34:21 | From China 楼主

Do you often hear people saying “freight is charge by volume or actualweight”? They refer to 2 types of billing methods apply to international parcels.Reducing the parcel’s volume or weight often results in big savings oninternational freight. Let's check out what Superbuy users do to reap savings!

1) How to reduce the parcel’s volume?
Superbuy specialist will use cartons with the right sizes and place itemsproperly when packing. For clothing, value-added services such as Vacuum Packagingare used to make the most of space inside the parcel. Removing the packagingbox or express box also leads to significant reduction of volume and better useof the valid space, which will ultimately cut international freight.

2) How to reduce the parcel’s actual weight?
In order to save international shipping costs, users usually opt toremove excess packaging (bags, boxes, etc.), while our warehouse specialistwill use light weight filling materials to minimize the parcel’s weight, so asto help them save on shipping.

For the purpose of protecting the items, Superbuy warehouse staff usuallykeep the product packaging for storage and shipment. How to ask the staff toget rid of the excessive packaging if you want to minimize the volume andweight of parcel?

1. Minimizepackaging when purchasing
For many types of small-sized jewelries, the packaging boxes are oftenbigger than the jewelries themselves. When purchasing, you can ask the seller orshopping agent not to use packaging boxes, or place multiple items in one packagingbox, which will keep the packaging to the minimum!


2. Warehouse staffremove packaging as per your needs during parcel submission
When the items are stocked into the warehouse, you can view the packagingbox and quality check results via photos taken for quality inspection (Note: bydefault, quality inspection and photos are available for shopping orders, and"Inspection & Check" should be checked when submitting forwardingorders.)


Go to parcel submission page > Packaging Details > Remove Packaging,and Superbuy provides several options for you to get packaging removed asneeded.

Note: All packaging removing options are free!


Select how you want the packaging removed via the above pic:

1) [Superbuy Packaging Removal SOP]
Superby will remove or keep the packaging as per the judgment ofwarehouse staff helpId79

2) [Remove Packing Box Only]
Select this option to remove the express box only.
If you want to keep the original packaging or you’ve purchased fragileitems, we will keep the packing box for you when stocking the items into thewarehouse. What is a packing box? It is the outer packing box when items aresent to Superbuy warehouse by domestic sellers. Generally, it is the outermostbox / carton used by couriers to protect the items inside. Please see thefollowing example for details.


3) [Remove Packing Box and Product Packaging Box]
On top of the second option, you can also get the product packagingbox removed.
What is a product packaging box? It is the outer box used for decorationpurposes, e.g. shoe box, jewelry box, outer packaging box of shirt, etc., asshown in the pic below:


4) [Remove Packing Box, Product Packaging Box and Packing Bag]
On top of the third option, you can select to remove the packing bagas well.
What is a packing bag? In addition to the product packaging box, apacking bag is also used for some items to get them better protected (if thereis only packing bag and no packaging box for the item, please select thisoption if you need to remove the packing bag), as shown in the pic below:


5) When the above three options can not meet your requirements, justleave remarks to tell us the DI Number of the item and specify how you want thepackaging removed, i.e. only remove the packaging box and packing bag of DIXXXX.

3. Select thevalue-added service of Vacuum Packaging to reduce the parcel’s volume whensubmitting parcel
As one of themost popular value-added services of Superbuy, it will save you a lot on internationalshipping when you use a logistics line that charges freight by volume.





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