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PC Super Sale Is On! 2X Offers & Up To ¥600 Off!
Post time 2021-4-16 17:26:44 | Last replied 2021-5-4 07:32:59 | From China 楼主

Rejoice, Computer Enthusiasts!

Here comes a Real Big Deal for your hardware and peripheral upgrade:

Up to ¥300 off when shopping computers / parts / peripherals on Superbuy,

and up to ¥300 off (again) when submitting parcels!

Super Sale, Super Cool!

When this sale get started? Mark Your Calendar!

Apr. 16,00:00:00,  - April 18,23:59:59 (Beijing Time)

During the event, you can get up to ¥300 off when shopping computers,

PC parts and peripherals on Superbuy with shopping coupons.

Please redeem the coupon code before placing any order:

¥5 Off ¥50 Coupon, Coupon Code: A5;

¥15 Off ¥150 Coupon, Coupon Code: A15;

¥35 Off ¥300 Coupon, Coupon Code: A35;

¥80 Off ¥600 Coupon, Coupon Code: A80;

¥150 Off ¥1,000 Coupon, Coupon Code: A150;

¥300 Off ¥2,000 Coupon, Coupon Code: A300;

See? This is really what we say: Buy More To Save More!

Not enough offer? No worries, here’s more!

How about some shipping coupons?

Get up to ¥300 off

when submitting parcels after buying all your favorite computer products during the event!

The types of shipping coupons are as follows,

the use of which is subject to the value of a single delivery order:

¥10 Off ¥199 Coupon, Coupon Code: B10;

¥25 Off ¥300 Coupon; Coupon Code: B25;

¥60 Off ¥600 Coupon, Coupon Code: B60;

¥120 Off ¥1,000 Coupon, Coupon Code: B120;

¥200 Off ¥1,200 Coupon, Coupon Code: B200;

¥300 Off ¥1,500 Coupon, Coupon Code: B300;

Who Can Say No To More Savings!

Redeem Coupon Code ASAP!

How to redeem coupon code? Click here:

*The shipping fee is subject to the price paid at the time of parcel submission.

Here is a simple example:

Alan places one order to buy computer products valued at ¥2,000 on Superbuy during the event,

so he is eligible to get ¥300 off!

After these products arrive at the warehouse,

Alan submits his parcel for shipment with one delivery order valued at ¥1,500,

so he is eligible to get ¥300 off again

(what if the order value is below ¥1,500?

You can submit parcel together with other items already stored in the warehouse,

as long as the value of one delivery order reaches ¥1,500!)

This way, Alan enjoys 2 offers via buying computer products and submit parcel,

that is, a total of ¥600 off!

Isn't it great! Join Us Now!


1. Computer products include but are not limited to: Desktop PCs, laptops, keyboards, chassis, cooling equipment, memory, CPU, motherboard and hard drives.

2. The shopping coupon is valid from April 16 to April 18, 23:59:59,which can only be used when purchasing products;

The shipping coupon is valid from April 16 to April 25, 23:59:59. which can only be used to deduct the international freight when submitting parcels.

It will take some time to ship products to the warehouse after you place the order.

Please keep an eye on the arrival time of the products,and use the shipping coupon in time.

3. The coupon cannot be used in combination. Only 1 coupon per order.

4. The coupon will be void if the order placed during the event is canceled.

5. Superbuy reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.


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PC Super Sale Is On! 2X Offers & Up To ¥600 Off!

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Post time 2021-4-21 02:41:58 From the mobile phone 5#

PC Super Sale Is On! 2X Offers & Up To ¥600 Off!

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