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Saving Hacks! #1 Cost-Competitive Packaging Reinforcement Service!
Post time 2021-3-30 20:54:46 | Last replied 2021-11-11 09:51:29 | From China 楼主
Lately, we’ve got some many enquiries from users about packaging reinforcement service.
So we’ve compiled this 1 -Minute Fast Guide to walk you through all
types of value-added packaging reinforcement services from Superbuy. The final goal?
To help you choose the most suitable shipping plans to save big,
money-wise and time-wise! Guys, keep this to your favorites!
1.EPE Foam Filling: Fill the gaps in the parcel with EPE foam boards to protect products from damage during transport.
Suitable for of small-sized electric appliances,
and it offers better protection with the use of paper corner protector.
2. Paper Corner Protector: Mainly used for items that buyers want to keep the original packaging,
such as the outer packaging of action figures. It will keep the corners of the original packaging from any damages,
a big deal for fans of packaging boxes.
Our user xiaoyu0727 gave a good review: I sent a Christmas gift to someone,
and the exquisite packaging was not damaged at all.
All Christmas tree decorations inside were intact. Superbuy, my go-to option forever!
3. Stretch Film: Pack the parcel with stretch film to effectively prevent moisture and water.
Plus, it makes harder for the items inside to be stolen and switched! Suitable for all product categories.
See what our user s2zhubb says about this service:
4. Wooden Box Reinforcement: Easy to assemble and disassemble with clip-on design.
It is made of plywood as raw material, which can be directly exported without fumigation.
For high-value items, overweight electronics, electric equipment and ceramic crafts,
it can effectively keep them from extrusion and collision. You’d better use it with EPE foam filling.
5. Moisture-Proof Bags: Made of thickened PE material,
it can effectively prevent the outer packaging from being wet due to weather and
other factors during transport. Also, it can keep the items inside mould-free
by preventing moisture from entering the parcel. Suitable for all product categories.
Review from our user 四不四傻: Super fast, and so good.
6.Photography of Packaging: It provides photos of how the parcel is packaged when shipped,
so you’ll know what the packaging looks like in advance
(parcel will be shipped right after photo-taking). 2 photos will be provided,
one for how the products are placed, and the other for how the parcel is sealed.
7. Vacuum Bag Packaging:
1) Used for clothes, bedding, home textiles, etc. It can compress the volume to a maximum,
and save on storage space and freight charged by volume. And it can keep moisture,
mould, dust and insect from entering the parcel;
2) This packaging method goes with vacuum compression for all products in the whole parcel.
If categories besides clothing and bedding are included in the parcel,
the warehouse staff will handle it according to the actual situation;
3) Preferred for textile products subject to volume-based freight, e.g. down jackets.
8. Customized Packaging: If you want to customize your own logos / cartons / packaging bags / thank-you cards,
etc. you can leave remarks for parcels. After all, a parcel that showcases your personality sounds so irresistible, right?
For any other questions, you can contact our customer service via
Superbuy App > Me > Find the floating blue pop-up at the bottom right > Online Custom Service.

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