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Off Season Sale & Comment To Win Shipping Coupon
Post time 2021-3-26 11:33:31 | Last replied 3 day(s) ago | From China 楼主
Any  shrewd  buyer  knows that off  season sale  means  the best time to stock up on goodies.
Just scouring  for each corner  of  the sale, you can take home some  of  the  most  cost-competitive  items  like  a  breeze!

Check  out  the  following  best  sellers  from  select  stores (with blow-your-mind discounts, of course).

More One Thing: Mar. 22-31, join our event to get ¥280 shipping coupon package for single order of ¥700 or above.

To learn more about the event, please click ☞: Big Offer Coming Up! Order To Claim ¥280 Shipping Coupon Package!

Plus, anyone who shares tips  for  off-season  sale by  commenting  under this  post  will get a ¥20 shipping coupon,

and we will select 10 users (5 for Chinese  comment and 5 for English  comment) to give away a Blind Box (¥200 value) each.
About The Event ☟

、Time: 00:00:00, Mar. 26 -23:59:59, Mar. 31 (Beijing Time)

、How to join:

You can leave a comment to share buying tips for off-season sale (e.g. what is worth buying, stores you frequent, etc.) or shipping tips to send clothing (e.g. value-added services, packing, label removal, suitable logistics lines, etc.) during the event, and respective awards are up for your grabs.

三、About the comment:
It should not be less than 200 words, and must include store link or product link. The content should be related to the topic.

、Awards & Criteria:

1. Top Comment *10:  Blind Box (¥200 value)  (5 for Chinese comment and 5 for English comment)
Criteria: Popularity (60%) + Content Quality (40%, as per Superbuy editor). Popularity = the number of Likes the comment receives.

2. Participation Award (no quantity limit): ¥20 No-Minimum-Spend Shipping Coupon

Criteria: The comment must contain useful content, be no less than 200 words and include store link / product link.
Anyone who copies other users’ content,  comments  in  less  than 200 words  or  uses  only  meaningless  words and  emojis  will  be  disqualified.


1. For those leaving a comment, we will send the coupon to your account before 24:00, Apr. 2, and the list of 10 Winners of Blind Box will be published in our BBS before 24:00, Apr. 2, Beijing Time.

2.Coupon Validity: 00:00, Apr. 2 to 23:59, Apr. 29 (coupon can only be used to deduct  the international freight when you submit shopping agent parcels. It cannot be stacked with other coupons. Only one coupon per order).

3. The Blind Box is provided by Superbuy, and the winner should pay the shipping fee. It can be consolidated with other items in your parcel for shipment.

4. If  you  make  a  post  to  share  your  thoughts  about  the  Blind  Box  after  receiving  it, you’ll  get  an  extra ¥30 No-Minimum-Spend Shipping Coupon (the post should include 3 real-world photos + comment in about 200 words)

5. Superbuy  reserves  the  right  of  final interpretation  of  this event!
Select Best Sellers ☟

Bear Sweater

Flash Sale: ¥79


Buyer Review: solid  fabrics, loose  and  good  match  with  other  clothing

Two-Piece High Collar + Floral Skirt

Flash Sale: ¥69.9


Buyer Review: skin-friendly fabrics with good draping

Early Autumn Sweater Vest Cardigan For Women

Flash Sale: ¥29


Buyer Review: soft material and not too thick, perfect for fans of old school style

2020 Spring & Autumn Loose Sweater For Women and Couple

Flash Sale: ¥68


Buyer Review: Japanese style, loose and good match with other clothing

Loose Warm Graphic Hooded Padded  Jacket  For Women

Flash Sale: ¥69.9


Buyer Review: it looks good on me, and features unique design of pockets  

Spring & Autumn Hooded Cashmere Sweater

Flash Sale: ¥80


Buyer Review: good quality, not easy to go out of shape and a good fit as either inner wear or outer wear


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Post time 2021-3-28 07:41:05 From 22#
My Top Tips for Off-season Sale

*How to search for the right product out of thousands and thousands of goods*
First of all, you must have a product or product category in mind in order to purchase a good that you'll be happy about. Whether it be a description to search for in the Taobao search box or a product photo that you've snapped earlier to reverse picture search.

Next, out of so many results, how to find the 'right' product? My top-tip is to list according to the number of sales, and then filter by products that allow 7-days to return no questions asked. This type of product usually is of good quality and match the product description as the seller is confident that they offer you a 7-day return policy. In the worst case you have a safe mind that once the product reaches Superbuy warehouse and the staff has taken photos with it, you can rest assured that you can have it returned if you didn't like the colour or style or whatever that is not based on the actual fault of the good.

WechatIMG26.jpeg              WechatIMG27.jpeg

*How to save money with purchases*
I would suggest that you register an account on Taobao so you can save products that you like by clicking on the 'Star' button. Registering for an account also allows you to put items into the basket for purchasing.


A good tip is to put items you like into the basket and don't purchase at the instant. This way you won't purchase items off an impulse and you allow the system to notify you when the item you've put into the basket has come down on price.

Another good tip is to look out for store coupons. Many stores have coupons there if you purchase a certain amount you get some money off. Hence make sure you qualify for those if you can, and when making the purchase on Superbuy, remember to modify the price of the item to actual and select for the right reason.


*How to save money with shipping*
First I have Superbuy app on my phone, and I check in every single day to earn some credits that can go into deducting some shipping costs.

Secondly, get up-to-date with Superbuy mails and join any events such as this to earn more shipping coupons!

Thirdly, be familiar with rehearsal packaging. This allows you get an actual weight of your parcel before shipping as opposed to paying for an estimated weight of your parcel based on the addition of weights of items when they enter the Superbuy warehouse. A simplified list of procedures for rehearsal packaging is: 1) Purchase a rehearsal packaging order on Superbuy and pay 20RMB for the service; 2) On the order to write down the instructions for packaging the parcel - list the items that you would like to include in the parcel and refer to them by their DI number, add instructions such as remove the packaging box for item DIxxx or put item Dixxx at the top of the parcel, with the final instruction to rehearsal package and provide an actual weight.  You can save some shipping costs this way especially if your goods are just above a weight category and you will be forced to use a different shipping line that is pricier.
WechatIMG32.jpeg .  

Rehearsal packaging

Rehearsal packaging

That's all of my tips from how to find the correct item, to how to save money with purchases, to how to save money with shipping Hope you can learn something new from my tips and start incorporating them into your next purchase

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Post time 2021-3-27 00:25:16 沙发
I have found that searching is sometimes easier. For example I have found a keyboard knob at that I could not find elsewhere. Hope this helps!
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Post time 2021-3-27 00:43:59 From the mobile phone 板凳

Off Season Sale & Comment To Win Shipping Coupon

An amazing, warm hoodie for fall, winter and spring season! Price is very cheap only 98¥ and material is high quality. different colors let's you style with any clothing and is always trendy!
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Post time 2021-3-27 00:55:34 地板

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Post time 2021-3-27 01:33:38 From the mobile phone 5#

Off Season Sale & Comment To Win Shipping Coupon

When deciding on which goods to buy, it is helpful to look at the customer reviews, they often upload pictures with their sizes so it would give you a better understanding of how it would fit to you. If there's no customer reviews and no clear size chart, you can get in contact with sellers using the taobao app, you just go to the item you want and below there, is a messaging icon (shown on the picture), you hit it and the app will automatically select it to send to seller chat so they know of what item you're talking about.
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Post time 2021-3-27 04:46:34 6#
When shopping on mall sites such as TaoBao use the reverse search look up by uploading a picture of the item you are wanting.  Then click various categories to see more options.  If the item need to be purchased by Expert team copy and paste the link in SuperBuy Shopping agent and either add to cart or buy.  Adding to cart is also a great way to watch price fluctuations on items you want to purchase. ... amp;id=631194233992
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Post time 2021-3-27 04:47:26 7#
Great challenge!
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Post time 2021-3-27 04:50:10 8#
when buying on sites like taobao, look for the goods at the lowest prices or as much of the sold goods as possible to make sure the seller is honest.
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Post time 2021-3-27 08:14:44 9#

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Post time 2021-3-27 10:51:30 10#
Keep an eye for Taobao or Tmall's discount promo that appears from time to time. You can buy clothing for another season if you are not picky about the current seasonal fashion trend. Then you can ship your heavy items by slower and cheaper shipping method. By the time the package arrives to you, the new season will have started and your bought items will fit right in.
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Post time 2021-3-27 12:55:14 11#
Do I get my 20 yuan coupon now lol?
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Post time 2021-3-27 15:38:47 12#
I love the wassup store, the simple designs are a contrast to this modern world with alot of stuff going on. This is the perfect time for a simple design in your life. The quality is same as many other high end fashion brands. There are many stores that sell simple stylish clothing but i like wassup the best because he has the best simple designs and unique colors i like! link to his store :
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Post time 2021-3-27 16:09:58 13#
I have found out that when on Taobao, you should always sort from Price Low-High, so it will show the cheapest products first and then the most expensive last. You should also note where the supplier is actually shipping from, this is extremely important if you need to send out something fast. I always choose suppliers in Guangdong region and not other suppliers in e.g. Beijing. Only choose suppliers far away if it is absolutely necessary.

I’d like to point out my favourite SuperBuy buy this month, it is 0👈哈q2zQX0tU33E嘻  正版散货YOU TOOZ 仿真动物玩具模型柴犬狗潮流公仔手办摆件. The Figure is actually a legit YouTooz, but much less expensive. I found this is a great find as elsewhere it is very expensive, the product also has quite a high quality, the price is amazing and it shipped to the warehouse in one-day as well.
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Post time 2021-3-27 19:47:41 14#
Great post

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Post time 2021-3-27 21:06:02 15#

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Post time 2021-3-27 21:06:55 16#
Coupon is nice
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Post time 2021-3-27 21:40:21 17#
Always keep an eye out for discount festivals and promos - these often come up and are advertised on shop descriptions before they’ve begun! A lot of these promotions are cross store – so you can buy a huge range of items from different stores and still save money!! There are often around 30RMB discount for every 200RMB spent. It doesn’t seem like much, but if you’re an avid shopper it actually amounts to quite a lot!
Stores also have lots of coupons that you can find when you add their items to your card - they're located next to the seller’s name! These are similar discounts that are a specific rate to purchase amount. Combining these coupons along with festival discounts can net you quite a sizable saving. Just input the information on the comments section when placing an order on Superbuy, and agents will promptly credit you back the money~

And when searching in stores, always sort by cheapest first ‘按价格’ – I have found some greatly reduced prices on items that are normally very expensive due to clearance sales and stock-outs! There are often many clearances by brands to sell out their off-season clothes and old collections, or even those produced with minor defects. They’re a great way to score new styles and clothes at a fraction of the usual price. 😊

One great example is this 40% clearance for these shorts! You could save a lot of money by looking out for these sales! ... amp;_u=r3uulr0u0fa2

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Post time 2021-3-28 00:17:05 18#
always check measurements! superbuy is very good for measuring clothes to make sure they fit
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Post time 2021-3-28 02:50:09 19#
very nice!

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Post time 2021-3-28 03:06:18 20#
sounds cool, im in!
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