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Limited-Time Discounts On Value-added Services! Try Now!
Post time 2021-3-25 16:53:04 | Last replied 2021-5-4 07:33:06 | From China 楼主

Still regretting missing the chance to use Superbuy Value-added Services for free?

No More Regret! Sweet Offer Does Come 2nd Time!

Grab 20% Discount On Value-Added Services This Time Around!

Limited-Time Only & Act Fast Before It Runs Out!

Trough Mar. 31, 23:59:59 (Beijing Time)

How to Join

This offer comes in the form of [Pay First, Refund Later], that is,

eligible users who want to use certain value-added services need to purchase such services

and use them first, and the discounted amount

will be automatically refunded to their account before Apr. 15.


1. Shipping Expert

If you’ve just signed up on March and need some customized international shipping plans,

you can purchase [Shipping Expert] service. Our logistics experts will provide the shipping plans that best suit your needs,

so as to help you save big, cost-wise and time-wise! Plus,

now you can get 20% off your service purchase (through Apr. 1, 00:00:00)! Don’t Miss Out!

Some tips on how to purchase~

For PC users, go to [My Superbuy] -> [My Warehouse] -> [Shipping Expert]



For App users, go to [Me] -> [Delivery Pending] -> [More Service]


2.Services Bundle For Apparel

Wanna snag some spring & summer new arrivals?

To take your shopping experience to a new level,

we now offer the Value-added Services Bundle For Apparel

(Thread Trimming, Label Removal, Moisture-Proof Bag, Vacuum Packaging, Product Video, Model Try-on Photos)!

One More Thing: You can get 20% off the total price if you purchase and use any 3 kinds or more of these services.

How to purchase:

For PC users, go to [My Superbuy] -> [My Warehouse] -> [Purchase Value-added Services]



[My Warehouse] -> [Delivery Pending] -> [Value-added Services]


For App users, go to [Me] -> [Delivery Pending] -> [Value-added Services]


[Me] -> [Delivery Pending] -> [Check Out] -> [Value-added Services]


3.Power-on Inspection of 3C & Electronics

Worried that the electronics you’ve bought cannot be powered on?

Why not try Superbuy value-added service of "Power-on Inspection of 3C & Electronics"?

With our warehouse specialist conducting the power-on inspection,

we’ll take your worry-free shopping experience to a new level!

For PC users, go to [My Superbuy] -> [My Warehouse] ->

[Purchase the Value-added Service] -> [Power-on Inspection of 3C & Electronics]



For App users, go to [Me] -> [Delivery Pending] -> [Value-added Services] -> [Inspection of 3C & Electronics]



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Post time 2021-3-28 00:45:52 From the mobile phone 沙发

Limited-Time Discounts On Value-added Services! Try Now!

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Post time 2021-4-5 00:13:21 From the mobile phone 板凳
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