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Shop at Macy's to get $20 + 12% First Order Exclusive Cash Back
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About RebatesMe
RebatesMe is among the top cashbacksites offering deals, discounts, and cash back services partnering with over3,000 stores worldwide.


Exclusive Bonus for Superbuy users!

Wealthy Gift: Sign Up Bonus
RebatesMe offers a $5 sign-up bonus toour Superbuy users.
Our exclusive invitation to sign uplink:            
②RebatesMe: Full Cashback at Macy's
RebatesME offers a $15 rebate on purchases of $15or more at Macy's

③RebatesME: Macy's 12% stacking
RebatesME: 12% rebate on purchases of$15 or more at Macy's


How to sign up?

1. Enter through the exclusive inkon this site; link portal.                        
2. Click on the "Shop Now"button and enter your registered email and password to register.

Why RebatesME?

RebatesME exclusive merchants, high cashback rates

RebatesMe has many exclusivemerchants, exclusive rebates, and high cashback rates.
For example, DSW only offers rebatesfrom RebatesMe, and up to 10%, as shown here.


So when no other cashback siteoffers cashback, give RebatesMe a try. Or use the browser plugin describedlater to quickly view and activate your rebates.

How to use RebatesME?

l How it works

Let's take a look at how to useRebatesMe on the Macy's website, using the Macy's example, which is easier ifyou use the browser plugin, described later.
First, sign up and log in toRebatesMe via the link and search for Macy's in the search box above to get tothe Macy's rebate page.


图片5 en.png

From the picture we can see that thepage is divided into three main parts: cashback rate, cashback rate details, avariety of coupon code summary. The 8% rebate rate means that if we spend $100at Macy's, RebatesMe will give us $8 cash back, which is equivalent to a 10%discount. You can also see what deals are currently available at Macy's in thevarious coupon codes summary, etc.

To activate the rebate, click on anyof the "Shope Now" buttons on the page, and then you'll see a promptfor RebatesMe to jump to the Macy's website (below), which will then take youto the Macy's website. 's official website.


You can then shop and check out asnormal and see the transaction and cashback amount in the RebatesMe user centerafter checkout.
l Browser Plugin
If you find it too much of a hassleto search for a merchant on RebatesMe each time, you can add the Rebates Mebrowser plugin to your browser. This way, when you open the merchant's website,the RebatesMe plugin will indicate the current rebate rate and you can activatethe rebate directly.
RebatesMe currently supports Chromeand Firefox browsers.

l Multi-language interface support
Rebates Me supports a multilingualinterface, just go to the bottom of the page and select it, as shown below.


l Cashback can be withdrawn after $10

Currently supports the following methods.
l  PayPal
l  Paypal Alipay
l  Credit Card
l  Check
l  Gift Card

The best feature of RebatesMe is that itsupports Alipay cash withdrawal.


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