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Nonstop Bonus! Freight Up To 50% Off For Spring Festival Pre-Orders
Post time 2021-2-5 18:06:59 | Last replied 4 day(s) ago | From China 楼主

Event Time: Feb. 9 - 17

Benefit 1: New User-Exclusive ¥560 Coupon Package

New users who sign up with Superbuy during the Spring Festival will get a shipping coupon package worth ¥560.  

Benefit 2: Pre-Order To Collect 50%-Off Shipping Coupon

Users who place shopping agent orders on Superbuy during the event will get a ¥310 Shipping Coupon Package  automatically sent to their accounts on Mar. 1, among which the first 1,000 users  will also get a 50%-Off shipping coupon.

1. Users who have malicious  behaviors before Mar. 1 (including but not limited to canceling orders right  after placing orders) will be disqualified for the coupon.
2. Types of coupons included  in the coupon package: ¥10 Off ¥199, ¥20 Off ¥300, ¥40 Off ¥600, ¥90 Off ¥1,000 and ¥150 Off ¥1,500. About the 50%-Off coupon: Aside from the coupon package,the first 100 users will get an extra ¥50 Off ¥100 coupon each, and the 101th -1,000th users will get an extra ¥25 Off ¥50 coupon each.
3. The coupon can only be used for deduction of international freight when you submit shopping agent parcels or forwarding parcels. It cannot be stacked with other coupons. Only one coupon per order. Validity: 00:00, Mar. 1 - 23:59, Mar 15.

Benefit 3: Referral Bonus - ¥560  Shipping Coupon Package

How  to Join: Sign up as Superbuy Affiliate -> Share promotion pics on social   media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Reddit with your referral link  attached -> Follow Superbuy Shopping on Facebook -> Send a screenshot of your  post on social media platforms and your email address used for Superbuy sign-up  to our editor via DM. A ¥560 Coupon Package is for your grabs!

Benefit 4: Pay With Bitcoin To Earn Up To 100% Rebates On Handling Fees!

Your payment  experience gets even better! Now you can pay with Bitcoin on Superbuy. A 2%  handling fee /  transaction will be charged, lower fees to help you save more!

If you top up and  pay for orders with Bitcoin from 0:00, Feb. 1 to 23:59:59, Feb 28, you will  earn a random rebate on handling fees, with the maximum rebate equivalent to 2%  handing fee (i.e. 100% handling fee waiver)!

TIP: Superbuy reserves the right of finalinter pretation of the event.


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Post time 2021-2-6 00:13:57 From the mobile phone 沙发
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Post time 2021-2-6 07:28:55 From the mobile phone 板凳

Nonstop Bonus! Freight Up To 50% Off For Spring Festival Pre-Orders

Nice nice
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Post time 2021-2-6 08:05:40 From the mobile phone 地板
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Post time 2021-2-7 00:16:40 From the mobile phone 5#
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Post time 2021-2-7 13:31:39 6#
Not Bad

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Post time 2021-2-8 05:17:20 From the mobile phone 7#
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Post time 2021-2-8 23:33:05 8#
¥2,021 Coupon Package Suggestions;

Value-added services
1, I would like to see an option for bubble wrap packaging for when there are items you don't want to keep the package but still want them to be more protected than to just with black plastic wrap.

2. I would like to suggest an option for the user to specify if they want crystal clear wrap or the black plastic wrap.

3, I would like to suggest for a service related to tidy things up, in regards of for example cutting loose threads for clothing, or adding a ribbon on the package with a bday card or message (for birthday gifts), for shoes for example it could be like giving them a nice cleaning, or polish or natural waxing (this may be asking for too much haha sorry).

Shipping experience
4. Shipping fees are usually very expensive, it would be so awesome if there could be a trade contract between DHL and Superbuy in order to make shipping fees cheaper, this could highly improve sells for everyone.

5. I live in Costa Rica and here we only have the option of shipping with DHL, I would love to use EMS or Fedex too if possible.

User instructions
6. It would be great if there was commercial invoice section for when proceding with final shipping

Shopping experience

7. I think it would be nice if when an issue related to an item is informed, like when a shoe has a scratch, the photos of said issue, remain added to the regular 3 photos that are taking on warehouse store.

8. It would be helpful if a purchase could be sent to different addresses and not only the one selected on paypal at the time of top up.

User experience for our website and app
9. I would like to see "suggested items" or "suggested shops" related to the items I have purchased previously.

10. Please add the option for translation for english or spanish on your website and app, everything is excellent.
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Post time 2021-2-11 01:59:28 From the mobile phone 9#
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Post time 2021-2-12 22:06:53 From the mobile phone 10#
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Post time 2021-2-16 22:55:05 11#
Waiting for the 1st of March to get my vouchers!
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Post time 2021-2-19 16:18:36 From the mobile phone 12#
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