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WOW! The North Face X MM6 Collaborations Finally Come!
Post time 2021-1-18 11:38:23 | Last replied 2021-1-28 06:19:06 | From China 楼主
It's been six months since these designs made their debut at the fashion show. To be fair, brand collaborations from The North Face have been here for a while, but we gotta say this time around these designs really blew our mind. It was sort of a rule that these designs were demonstrated by female models most of the time. Not any more!
Check these unisex designs on male models! Fashion at first sight, right?

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锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 1.png

After all, it looked like this some time ago~

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 2.png

It basically abandoned the signature outdoor features, and added some touches of the so-called Deconstruction Style.While keeping the originality of The North Face, it also exudes the fun part of MM6 Maison Margiela. A truly remake of TNF style with concept of MM6.

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 3.png

It's a pity that there were not many male models to wear it at the fashion show back then. Maybe it would be the same case as HYKE in Japan. We will see male models wearing it everywhere for the new series (after all, the first one was a big hit!).

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 4.png

From the standpoint of TNF classics, it isalmost a bold transformation, with intact originality as well as stronger senseof deconstruction. At present, it seems that Hong Kong TNF has already shot aspecial catalogue, and this series will go for sale worldwide as aslimited-editions!

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 5.png

It will be available in Sept. 2020 at selected branded stores, major flagship stores of MM6 and The North Face, as well as on!

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 6.png

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 7.png

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 8.png

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 9.png

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 10.png

Circle Nuptse Jacket,
Sale Price: $948

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 11.png

Circle Denali Fleece Dress,
Sale Price: $708

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 12.png

Maison Margiela, one of the top designersin the world, has established many sub-brands. Later, he just named thosesub-brands in the form of digit + a circle.

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 13.png

This time around, The North Face is in collaboration with MM6, which Maison Margiela founded in 1997 with his habit of "digit coding"

锘夸簩鎵嬫枃绔_鍥剧墖 14.png

MM6 is mostly women's wear, embedded with strong elements of deconstruction and bold designs. What do you think?


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