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Post time 2020-11-4 19:16:21 From the mobile phone | Last replied 2022-9-8 20:07:47 | From Australia 楼主
My shipping tips that you must know to save money$ and time. Australia edition 1. CREDITS POINTS Login to superbuy everyday and check in. Every time you check in you will received 10 credit points. You can also get credits point by successfully shipped your parcels and shares your shipping experience. When you reached a enough amount of point you can exchange shipping coupons or discounts for your parcel while processing payment. 2. SHIPPING LINE AND PREFERENCES You may or may not know but superbuy offers a variety of shipping lines. When you ship an items it is best to compare price by using “delivery estimation” this help you estimate your items and allow you to see which line is available in your country. I live in australia ?? therefore I have a lot of options. For small parcel less than 1kg or 500grams I use EUB or China post registered air mail both of these line usual took about 1-2 weeks to get to Melbourne Australia. For large parcel above 1kg to 19kg I use Australia E packet by sea, it is the cheapest option provided however this may took approx 1-3 months to arrive in Australia. 3. TAX? Tax may be different base on what country you live in. In Australia they usual tax your parcel if either your are a wholesale or your parcel value above $1,000. The tax usually range from $300 above. I never getting tax, if you worry of getting tax because your parcel value $1000 or above, just seperate your parcel in to two and send them individually. This way you can avoid of getting tax. 4. SHOPPING AND COUPONS Use superbuy as a courier is my best advice to you. Because if you shop on superbuy you will get charge approx $1-$8, the reason for thus because your currency is different. More further, superbuy does not include coupons which your seller provided which mean you pay full price for that item. It is best for you to buy from the original website. 5. TAOBAO, JD AND MORE Taobao is my favourite shopping app, because they always give you free coupon and have

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Post time 2020-11-5 12:12:50 From the mobile phone 沙发
how di you buy directly from taobao, and have them ship to the US?
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 Author| Post time 2020-11-7 21:52:56 From the mobile phone 板凳
ginna replied at 2020-11-5 12:12 how di you buy directly from taobao, and have them ship to the US?
No, I ordered items from taobao, but instead using taobao international shipping, I shipped to Superbuy warehouse. From then, I can store my items and ship them all at once to my country. Superbuy gave more options and affordable price compares to taobao.
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