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Trendy Gadgets in Xianyu
Post time 2020-8-2 22:57:56 | Last replied 2020-9-8 10:17:28 | From China 楼主
Hey you guys! Today, let’s take a ride to the trendy gadgets, shall we? First, enter BE@RBRICK!
A symbolic piece released by famous Japanese toy brand MEDICOM Toy in 2001, BE@RBRICK has been an all-time favorite to many fans with its iconic image: bear head, slightly raised abdomen and square-shaped legs!


Where there are trendsetters, you will see BE@RBRICK, and where you can see  BE@RBRICK, there must be the place for trendsetters.
As one of the most popular dolls, it has been a household name for a while now.
Not only top brands design items together with it, but also a number of handsome celebrities have become huge fans.

Check out G-Dragon’s MV:《Get your CrayOn》


Take a look at Edison Chan’s room


The basic model is series made of aluminum shell, with each bear having a letter on the chest, when placed together, to spell BE@RBRICK。


Phantom of the Paradise

CUTE Version


The image of the first artist style is NJPW, who was a role in the original TV animation "Tiger Mask || Birth of the Alliance Plan" created by Japanese animator Ishihara Ichichi and was so popular in Japan at that time.

And here is another super popular artist style image: KAWS

The image of “Companion” from Kaws has had a profound influence on popular culture. It replaced the decades-old "Moonman" trophy from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards; Kim Jones was also inspired by it when he worked with Dior for the first time. It has also featured in a series of collaborations with Kanye West, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.


Be it UNIQLO UT, Nike, Jordan Brand, or Dior Homme, these "Collectible" items are highly praised and even traded in the second-hand market at three times the original price. This also offers some other significance to Companion - these dolls are not only commodities, but their prices will change over time.
In addition to the cross-overs and limited editions, this image has also stolen the show in many large-scale device exhibitions. In 2010, Kaws built a huge crying  Companion sculpture with fiberglass on the ground of Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.


Hold on, here comes the final piece of today: Disney x Daniel Arsham x APPortfolio!
APPortfolio, a well-known international art platform, has cooperated with a number of prestigious artists, including Hajime Sorayama, KAWS, D*face, Vhils, and Nobuyoshi Araki. As the global art partner of INNERSECT this year, APPortfolio introduced Daniel Arsham, a famous American artist, to its audience, with the amazing launch ofDisney x Daniel Arsham x APPortfolio in early December.


The fabric was the same one that used in the furniture series recently released by Daniel Arsham. The logo of Arsham Studio was embroidered on the sole, and his signature hand-painted pattern had a spot in the body, which was the draft pattern in future relic series he creates every time. Daniel Arsham also improvised to create a unique original painting on a giant two-meter canvas.


In addition, there is a 40 cm version of Hollow series sculpture, which is really breathtaking.


Any idea of getting these dolls? Well, the price tag is somewhat hefty, right?

No worries! Here comes the deal alert!

Open Xianyu App, and click [ACGN] or search for whatever you like in the search bar! Great savings are up for grabs!


Also, you can open Xianyu App, copy the product link and paste it at Superbuy, then place an order! Simple as it is!

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