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Snag Luxury Brands at Xianyu
Post time 2020-7-24 18:28:00 | Last replied 2020-11-22 22:11:28 | From China 楼主
According to insiders, Louis Vuitton will launch some exclusive earring pendant for AirPods, which are expected for sale in mid-July and be priced at around $350.

Some netizens joke likereally useless, but I want to have one. Just like my attitude towards getting a boyfriend!

As for whether a boyfriend is useful or not, that’s not what I will delve into. Today, let’s just take a look at the designer products from Louis Vuitton.

As Louis Vuitton's creative director, Virgil Abloh brings the element of "ready made" into basically every item he designs and also, he likes to seek inspiration from life. Take the Off-White Yellow Ribbon (almost a synonym with him)! It just originates from the speed bumps you see everywhere.

For example, one of the series he created was to show respect to idols and he sent out an invitation to each show-goer in the form of Michael Jackson’s iconic "flash glove."

At the conclusion of the Men's Autumn & Winter Show 2020, the design genius once again proved to be a master in bringing in traffic, and this time the "ready-made product" was the reflection of his childhood.
Inflatable castles, balloons, flying kites and library all became sparkling elements of the show.

Like the nearly perfect street setting for last season, Virgil Abloh was so dedicated to details that even the benches on the street were engraved with classic LV logo (I really want to take it home).

Six words to highlight the show: "Blooming Flowers in A Beautiful Garden"


Is this the LV we used to know?

If you had no clue that this is a LV show, would you figure out the brand for this design? The combination of silk fabric with flowers and plants gave a fairyland style for LV menswear, which was unimaginable five years ago...

However, this design made the ready-to-wear Chinese-style a big fashion trend. I just don't know if Chinese fans will pay for it.
To be honest, this kind of complexity clearly presented the elements of Virgil Abloh's own brand Off-White, with the same floral print and elegant sense.

You could even spot the similarity between these two brands in runaway settings (both are embedded with deep-rooted Virgil Abloh's personal style).

As an avid advocate of Macaron color, Virgil also showed a strong ability to match colors. Pink, pink green, and pink blue can be spotted in all his designs.

It's not surprising, because every designer has their own personal style. For now, at least, Virgil Abloh makes fashion labels that are second to none. In his design, suits don’t have to be formal and coats can go with hip hop.
12.jpg 13.jpg

That said, this is a very un-LV.  In just one year, LV has completely overturned its own image and style. Back to Kim Johns' last show at LV, it was the same suit on display, but one model could wear it like a low-key and elegant gentleman, the other just put it on like a bold street hipster.

I have to say that Virgil is someone you will be fascinated about if you like him, as can be seen from the endless number of "boxes" on the show. These two bright yellow "boxes” you should never miss out, and another is a bright yellow box with classic LV logo.

The second "box" is with the same color, and what is worth noting is the details. Plus, it is covered with a layer of PVC, which seems to tell the fashion guys that "there is no need to worry about the bag getting wet even if it rains."

On the heels of women's wear, Virgil also applies checkerboard in bags this time, a signal that checkerboard is back in fashion again!
17.jpg 18.jpg

Here are some other bags on the show, which may not ensure the practicality of the original Keep All, but they will definitely turn some heads around!

Any idea of getting one or two of these bags?

Here comes the deal alert!

Open Xianyu App, and click [Luxuries] or search for whatever you like in the search bar! You will step into a world of endless bargains!


Also, you can open Xianyu App, copy the product link and paste it at Superbuy, then place an order! Simple as it is!

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