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My Desk, My World—A Glimpse of Geek’s Desk
Post time 2020-7-24 17:45:48 | Last replied 2020-11-22 22:11:29 | From China 楼主
Q: Which three items will you take away from desk in case of fire?
A: Not a single one. I'll just stay.
Q: Are you sure?
A: You don't know how much my desk means to me!
Today, I will walk you through the items on the desk that are priceless to geeks !
To have a personalized desk, you must have a study of your own, which speaks for a not-small budget...
For "digital geeks", the "desk" has basically nothing to do with books. It may be more appropriate to call it a computer desk, and the study is literally the synonym of a computer room.
This is the entry-level setup!


For the geeks, a desk with no shelf for toys (no, I mean Iron Man, Gundam... Hand-made figures and other collectibles!) can only be regarded as an office cubicle (it turns out that I just spend every day in a cubicle).

If there is a wall at home, you cannot just leave it blank! There must be a picture hanging upon it, (not a self portrait of Van Gogh, of course), like a breakdown of all types of spaceships and airplanes

When it comes to lighting, the ordinary lighting must be off the list! Given its constant brightness and temperature, comfort is out of the question. It's even more unacceptable when you are up to some graphics work, so look for a suitable light source.

You can opt for auxiliary lighting, such as the LED lights in the Armor Closet of Iron Man. Due to its high brightness, it can be used as a temporary auxiliary light source, which is usually put in place when watching movies or playing games.

Of course, there are other options, such as the cheaper desk lamp series from Xiaomi, which are very delicate in designs with one biggest advantage: the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted as needed, making them a very suitable option for auxiliary lighting when working. Plus, they can be controlled via human body sensors and universal wireless remote control.

Check out the effect with all lighting turned on. Sooooo amazing~


Dual displays are must-haves. If the desk is long enough, 3 displays can be considered as well. For multiple displays, the bracket is a real necessity. If your budget is enough, just go with the high-end dual arm bracket. In case of low budget (for someone like me who has no deep pocket), the secondary display can go with the single-arm type. Although the original base of the main display takes up some space, it doesn't impact that much (well, the real reason: tight budget).

The products displayed are ThinkWise S100 and Ergotron LX (no big upgrade in function, but with better workmanship)

Speaking of dual displays, here goes the setup: the main display should be placed horizontally with the secondary display placed vertically. This setup will take as little space as possible and at the same time it offers the best experience in browsing web pages and editing vertical photos.

It really feels cumbersome to put on a pair of chunky earphones, but sometimes you have to use them. What are the occasions? You definitely know!!!! Although the UDA-1 integrated earphone unit can push the 300 ohm impedance earphone, it is still not immune to criticism. If you want to save time, you can choose DT990 Pro from Beyerdynamic. The impedance of 250ohm is still surplus for the nominal thrust of UDA-1. Although the effect is certainly not as good as that of professional earphones, you will find they make for a good pair. The sound performance can reach at least 85% of DT990 Pro, which is enough for daily use.

Peripherals such as keyboard and mouse must go with key & cap combo in matching colors, which are undoubtedly the most eye-catching items on your desk. In order to keep them clean, the customized acrylic keyboard cover sold online is also worth a shot, with the right size to effectively keep the dust away when you don’t use them.

Which type of mouse to choose also depends on your budget. If you only prefer the smooth movement of buttons, Logitech G502 is more than enough for you.

So much for the basic computer peripherals! I know there are more to explore when it comes to  computer-related stuff, such as PCs, network storage devices, switches, decoders, speakers...

All right, maybe you just need a fatter wallet.

Here comes the deal alert again!

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