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Luxury Sneakers + Xianyu, Win Win!
Post time 2020-7-12 17:20:23 | Last replied 2020-10-10 01:41:38 | From China 楼主
Don’t be blinded by first impression: Xianyu is not an app just for used items! You will come across a huge variety of luxury brands there (you have my word for this). Today, join me to get a glimpse of the luxury sneakers (don’t scream yet).
Unlike the shoes launched by A-list fashion brands such as OW and Supreme, Luxury Sneakers are not only stylish, but also can be seen as a show-off of your fashion taste.

Top 10 Luxury Sneakers


As an Italian iconic luxury brand, Gucci dazzles us with its high-end luxurious temperament, and without doubt, the sneakers, daddy's shoes and little white shoes from it are the must-haves for celebrities around the world.


Balenciaga, the "veteran" in luxury sports sector, is among the most popular in the fashion world.
However, due to their surging popularity, Daddy’s Shoes have almost become synonymous with Balencia in recent years.

Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian fashion shoe brand, originally gained its fame for women's shoe designs. For the designs of sneakers, it transforms the snake and dragon totems into sexy symbols with artificial gems, which covey a sense of Italian sexy featured in wild and fierce.


As a world-famous luxury designer brand, Alexander McQueen not only focuses on functional features such as interlaced bandage and buckle, but also utilizes the process of spray paint to add more artistry to its sneaker lines.

Golden Goose

Golden Goose, a luxury brand from Italy, is seen as synonymous with “little dirty shoes" by a bunch of fashion fans. In addition to the basic styles, its sneaker lines also adopt imitation denim leather, flannel, black horse hair and other materials to decorate the upper, with dazzling colors like camouflage, sequin, tie dye.


When it comes to Tod's sneakers, the slogan of “Handmade in Italy” is a guarantee for high quality. With elements like graphics, Velcro fastener and 3-D design, these sneakers are really a 100% high-class+stylish option for you!


Speaking of Bally, a Swiss luxury brand, the first thing coming to the mind of fashion fans will be Bally sneakers (of course, there are bags). High-quality leather, in combination with innovative spirit and sophisticated technology, presents you with these selected shoes, both Practical and Stylish!


Hogan, a low-key luxury brand owned by TOD's, not only is ”Handmade in Italy”, but also integrates outdoor and urban elements to offer the luxurious sneaker lines featuring with leisure, fashion and high street.


ASH, the Italian high street fashion brand, is really a trendsetter that produces sneakers everyone loves. Daddy's shoes, little white shoes, snow boots...they all represent the rebellious, youth and adventurous spirit, combining comfort and avant-garde into one.


Louis Vuitton, the iconic French luxury brand, recently offers many designs catering to younger buyers after designer Virgil Abloh joined the fashion powerhouse. Many of its offerings are embedded with street style, which turn out to be best sellers.

After checking out these luxury sneakers, if you want to get your hands on them, please go to the trusted sellers (given that there are a large number of luxury imitations and counterfeits on the market nowadays).

Here comes a deal alert!

Open Xianyu App, and click [Trendy Items]. Congrats, you are officially stepping into the world of luxury fashion!


Open Xianyu App, copy the product link and paste it at Superbuy, then place an order! Simple as it is!

Join Superbuy Used Market!

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