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Raising kids in budget? Start with used toys!
Post time 2020-3-25 12:00:06 | Last replied 2020-4-9 12:23:57 | From China 楼主

Why used toys?
Just check the Report on Raising Kids In Budget published by Xianyu recently.
It is really unbelievable!

In 2019, sales from used items of Maternity and Baby category surged by 70%,
Among the buyers, 80% are female (nearly 20 million)!
With the total transaction up to 46.97 million!


The purchasing demand for "Xianyu Moms" is as follows:
Children's shoes, children's clothing, toys, baby products, maternity products.


On average,
For every mom who place an order on Xianyu,
She will compare 40 stores and chat with 8 sellers.
It really drives her crazy~~~


Raising kids = burning cash,
But there is always someone who can break this equation,
A mom living in Beijing placed 855 orders on Xianyu in 2019,
A mother from Tianjin sold 1,653 used items in 2019,
Congratulations on their budget-friendly way of life!


Why transactions of used baby products are seeing an increase?
In addition to the short service life of these products,
So many Chinese families have more that one child in recent years,
With loads of baby stuff taking much space in the house!

At the same time, as Chinese mothers prefer imported and intelligent products,
Baby products with these high-end labels are everywhere in Xianyu,
This is a good news for many moms in overseas!
After all, in terms of price,
used items definitely have an edge over discounted ones!


(I mentioned that I would share tips for buying toys in Xianyu?)
Well, since I have shared many tips before (I do remember this)
I bet that you definitely know where to start~


While Xianyu is a trading and exchange platform for used products,
The 3 Yu Tang shown in the figure below are the ones with high traffic and user activity,
where users are more willing to exchange items.

"Clusters of Maternity and Baby Products" -- 573,000 users
"Baby Toys Updated" -- 440,000 users
"Center of Used Maternity Products" - 345,000 users


That’s all for today!
If you like the post, just leave a comment and Like it in the BBS!
See you next time!


Use magic Report

Post time 2020-3-27 03:19:58 From the mobile phone 沙发

Raising kids in budget? Start with used toys!

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Use magic Report

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