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Did you know that Superbuy offers 11 value-added warehouse services?
Post time 2019-11-5 18:01:06 | Last replied 2019-11-18 10:11:52 | From China 楼主

Do you think that the staff members in our warehouse
are just repeating the procedure of “stocking in – packaging – shipping”?
They are doing more than that!
The minute a product arrives at our warehouse, Superbuy will take all your concerns into account.
We will also do our best to fulfill your unique needs during each step of the service procedure.
Now, we will walk you through all the value-added warehouse services offered by Superbuy.
We will also talk about the advantages of the services and when you will need them.
It’s time to learn!

Part Ⅰ
If you do not want to submit your parcels right away after the products are stocked in our warehouse,
we can split the orders or keep the products for you.


Don’t know how they work yet? No worries, we have selected some real cases for you. Take a look!
Order Number: DI19601108040.
Remarks: "just the bricks parts without original package, just manual book without original package."
As the user’s request, we disposed of the packaging and packed the manual book separately.



Once the splitting is done, the user can reselect an appropriate shipping method to ship the parcel.
It’s so convenient!

Part Ⅱ
All our warehouse staff members are experts in making your shipment hassle-free!
Minor flaws like loose threads will lead to negative reviews from the recipient.
Our service can help you solve a problem like that easily.   


Users can leave the request in the remarks and we will remove the tag from your product.



Part Ⅲ
For users who are afraid to buy 3C products and electronics overseas due to after-sales issues,
we can check if your product can be powered on for you.   


Part Ⅳ
We can change the packaging of a product upon request.
If you have a question, you can check out our packaging demo,
so you will have a general idea of our shipping procedure.

As shown in the pictures, the shipping of the parcel will be much easier after everything is done.
Order Number: DI19601108081.
Remarks: "can you remove the box and weigh it again."


After you purchase the Rehearsal Packaging service, the warehouse will package the product and weigh it.
After the parcel is weighed, the volume and size of the parcel will be sent to you via inbox messages.

Users can choose the packaging method, e.g. removing the box from the product, etc.
The number of orders and the packing requirement must be consistent with the packaging demo when submitting the parcel,
otherwise, the result may be different.
This service help users get a better idea of the size and weight of the parcel in advance,
so you can select the route correspondingly.

Or still cannot figure out which service is the one you need?
Don’t worry, we also customized value-added warehouse services!
They are designed to fulfill specific requirements from users, including but not limited to the following cases:
●Consolidating multiple products into one parcel.
●Sewing or trimming of buttonholes for clothing products.
●Use branded bags or boxes provided by the users for packaging and stick trademark logos onto the products.
The customized services are available for all users, please contact our customer service for pricing information.

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Post time 2019-11-7 08:52:50 From the mobile phone 沙发
Very nice
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Post time 2019-11-14 02:36:58 From the mobile phone 板凳
Good service
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Post time 2019-11-14 09:43:50 地板
Thanks for your support
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Post time 2019-11-15 22:15:31 5#
you do a great job.
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Post time 2019-11-18 10:11:52 6#
Thank you for choosing Superbuy!Your recognition and opinions are the source of our progress
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