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Submit Your Product Feedback and Claim 1500 Credits!
Post time 2019-10-31 15:52:43 | Last replied 2020-7-19 08:49:48 | From China 楼主
Sometimes,our users will submit product-related feedback in their posts. However, there are so many posts and it is hard for us to summarize them. To ensure that your feedback can help us improve our product, we have launched the topic#ProductFeedback# to collect the platform’s product-related issues. Users who provide valuable feedback will be rewarded with 1500 credits. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback. pixel-cells-3699331_1280.jpg
1.What is a product-related issue?
PC/APP/H5: Problems like failing to loadthe page, crashing, lagging, black screen, shutting down, battery drain, UImisplacement, incompatibility, error report, usability, bugs, procedure blocks,unreasonable UI designs, and more.

2. How to properly submit product-relatedissues?
1) Describe the Issue in Detail:
What did you when you encountered theproblem?
What page were you viewing?
What button did you click?
What happened?
No matter if you candescribe your issue in detail or not, please attach a complete screenshot toyour post.

2) Describe the Operating Environment inDetail:
Did you encounter the problem when using aPC, a phone, or a tablet?
What is the screen resolution of our PC?
Was your device connected to WIFI orcellular network?
What is your system version?
What is your APP version?
Or anything that is related to youroperating environment.

3) Suggestion:
After submitting your feedback, you can also leave your suggestion in your post. We will reward you with additional credits if your suggestion is accepted!

3. Do I need to follow any rules to submitmy feedback?
1) Please make a post in the topic#ProductFeedback#.
2) This topic will only be used for product-related feedback.For questions that are related to your order or the logistics,please contact our online customer service.
3) Please be patient and continue to communicate with our staff members. Also, please do not verbally abuse ourplatform or our staff members.
4) Please do not submit multiple posts forthe same issue.

4.Credit Reward Standards
1) Submit aproduct-related issue to earn 500 credits.
2) After the issue is officially verified by us, you will receive 1500 credits asa reward.
3) You willreceive 2000 credits as an additional reward if your product optimizationsuggestion is accepted by us.
4) The creditswill be distributed within 3 business days.

Last but not least, any product-relatedfeedback is greatly appreciated. With your help, we will have an easier time toimprove our product. Let’s make Superbuy better together!

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Post time 2019-11-3 08:12:10 From the mobile phone 沙发
Thank you!!
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Post time 2019-11-22 03:25:59 板凳

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Post time 2019-11-25 09:58:14 地板
Thanks for your support
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Post time 2019-12-14 19:59:18 5#
#ProductFeedback#. 1. The issue: Every time I use Customer Service chat, I start to type the sentence but the chat deletes the second letter.  For example, if I type "Hello" ...the chat will delete the "o" and all I have is "Hllo". So if I am not careful, the message I send will always miss the second letter. This only happens in the customer service chat on laptop. I have a video of this that I can show you. It is very hard with screenshots. I have tried to show you with screenshots. You can see I try to type the word "Is" but superbuy chat deletes the letter "s" and I have to retype the "s" I am using a macbook pro, connected to wifi OSX Sierra 1280x800 I do not know how to suggest this is fixed. It seems to be a software bug in your chat. It does not happen when I use my mobile app.
Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 10.26.55 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 10.27.02 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 10.27.11 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 10.27.20 pm.png
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Post time 2019-12-16 11:23:04 6#
mistermaxbrown replied at 2019-12-14 19:59 #ProductFeedback#. 1. The issue: Every time I use Customer Service chat, I start to type the senten ...
Sorry, I didn't understand your question. Can you send us a video of the problem? Email
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Post time 2020-7-19 08:49:48 From the mobile phone 7#

Submit Your Product Feedback and Claim 1500 Credits!

#ProductFeedback# The page that shows the "points spent" doesn't have a translation option. users who are not familiar with English or Chinese could be confused when trying to see what they redeemed their points on. Suggestion: have Superbuy app translate to a preferred language. example photo: the mix between both languages without the option to translate.
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