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The limits of imitation brand, prohibited goods, liquid, paste, food, CD...
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Notes: We cannot fully understand all thecustoms requirements for all the goods as we are not customs.
The mailing suggestionswhich are given by us are based on the conventional transportation experience.
We are not responsible for the customs buckle goods behavior.
Requirementsof send the goods
Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, prohibited goods cannotbe sent.
According to the requirements of air transport, food, liquid,particulate, paste goods need to be provided non-hazardous identification.
It is not recommended to send these categories of goods.
If it is a small amount, forexample cosmetics single bottle does not exceed 100ml, a single package doesnot exceed 200ml,
then we can try to help you to transport. But powder goods cannotbe mailed.
Generally speaking, it can be sent. But weneed to see what kind of cosmetics it is.
Alcoholic items, for example nailpolish, perfume, belong to the aviation contraband, which cannot be mailed.
Large bottles of bath liquid and paste cosmetics belong to liquid and pastegoods and need to provide non-hazardous identification.If you cannot provide,it cannot be sent.
Essential oils cannot be sent.
Eye shadow and lipstick canbe sent.
In addition, pressure containerpackaging of cosmetics cannot be sent, such as mousse, spray and so on.
2、TraditionalChinese medicine
The export of Chinese herbal medicinebelongs to the Chinese customs restricting exports of goods,
it is notrecommended to send.
3、Instructionsof fake goods, contraband goods, etc.
Superbuy respects and protects intellectualproperty rights.
If you buy brand products through the Superbuy platform,please select the legal authorized seller.
As a service provider ,Superbuy helps you to purchase goods, and Superbuy is not responsible for your purchasing needs and goods。
There is large number of items ofinternational well-known brand, we will not give examples one by one.
Detail isdepending on final prompts. Please pay attention to risk warning
4、Thestore credit
Taobao shop is uneven, in order to ensurethe quality of service,
Superbuy does not support the seller whose credit levelis too low.
Superbuy temporarily do not support virtualproducts
6、Liquid,perfume, gas products
It cannot be shipped via EMS, DHL, dedicatedline and preferential line
(If your purchasing food without vacuum packagingand the seller said shelf-life is less than half a year,
considering theinternational transportation time, it is not recommended to send).
It cannot be shipped via DHL, dedicatedline and preferential line.
8、Imitationboard, medicine, health care product, battery, electronic digital product
It cannot be shipped via DHL, dedicatedline and preferential line.
Australian Customs on the strictprohibition of wood products and cordyceps, as follows:
Pinecone, raw nuts (such as peanuts,walnuts), fresh fruits and vegetables, sausages and meat, garlands and dried flowerand coniferous plants, bark, wood, straw products (such as straw hat), sand,soil and seed products.
Japan Customs is strict in hair, furproducts.
Continually updated。

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Post time 2019-5-24 20:00:47 From the mobile phone 沙发

The limits of imitation brand, prohibited goods, liquid, paste, food, CD...

i understand
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