#used—item purchasing tips sharing#

Look here!You can get the real experience of Xianyu!Come to share your shoppping experience~

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#Saving Tips#

Latest & Hottest Superbuy Events! Join Now To Claim Coupons! Superbuy - Big Prize Every Day!

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#Shipping Hacks & event#

Check out all the discount shipping lines here!

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#Guide to Value-Added Services#

What are the top value-added services? When do you need “Order Splitting” and “Shipping Expert” services? Take a look at what other users are saying.

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Keep you updated about shipping restrictions, customs practices and more!

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#Super Popular Lines#

Check out all the top-rated shipping lines here!

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#Top Service Provider#

Top Service Provider,No.1 E-commerce Industry Leader ,Click to view~

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Sharesome pics of your hairstyle together with your daily hair care products orfavorite hair accessories

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#Hot Events#

Latest & Hottest Superbuy Events! Join Now To Claim Coupons! Superbuy - Big Prize Every Day!

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An outbreak just catches us off guard, And also forces everyone to live in isolation at home.What's your way of beating boredom, Superbuy users? Come to post your pics or videos to offer us some new ideas for staycation~

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#Fight As One#

The 2019nCoV has swept the world, and it has gradually evolved into a world barrier. At present, superbuy is fighting the difficult with you! The epidemic prevention strategies / tips / logistics route changes you pay attention to are all here!

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#Secondhand Guide#

Want to buy Chinese second-hand goods but no ideas about where to start? No worries! We have prepared detailed second-hand shopping guides below, come and learn them now!

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#Show Your Love To Get Free Gifts!#

From May 17-22, join the topic by making a post with hashtag #520&I Love You# and sharing your goodies (50+ words & pics) to get a chance to win a free DR.BEI Toothbrush (¥49.9)! 100 PCS Only! The gift will be issued before May 27, with 3-month storage in the warehouse only!

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Best time to get steep discounts for popular shipping lines to European and Asian countries!

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Welcome to the Ace Lecture! Our professtional teacher Ace will tell you how to easily deal with the various problems about international purchase by Superbuy's services~

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#Celebrity Collectables#

Idolizing someone makes us happy, and we can follow our idols to be a better people. Now, come to join the Fan Base, share Your Idols With Us!

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Girls and boys, your social medias should be updated! Let's have a battle about sharing your stylish wears and fashion makeups! The lucky winner can get ¥CN388 at most!

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#We love Cosplay#

Loving anime, comic and games? Welcome to join the world of cosplay! If you also love cosplay, come here to find more partners!

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Everyone can be a designer or an artist! Come on and create your own masterpiece!

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##Dress Like A Queen##

From Mar. 2 - 15 (Beijing Time), join our topic #Dress Like A Queen# you can get a ¥30 Off ¥499 Shipping Coupon! 1,000 PCS Only & First Come, Served! Format: Show us how the outfit looks like, or post photos of your clothes why you like them.

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