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Welcome to Superbuy 招商入驻
Post time 2016-10-17 14:34:52 | Last replied 2016-10-17 14:34:52 | From China 楼主
1)  Superbuy招商邮箱
2)  发送邮件,提交进驻资料;
       需提交的资料内容:        • 负责人姓名        • 负责人联系方式        • 第三方/自主平台网址        • 主要售卖的商品品类
Superbuy期待您的加入o(∩_∩)o !
Welcome to Superbuy Merchant Registration
      Superbuy is China’s biggest cross bordere-commerce platform for overseas Chinese users, which has provided service forover 100 countries for a million users. We are committed and strive to providethe best cross border e-commerce service for our users.  
       As we are expanding our platform in the overseas market; Superbuy islooking forward to cooperate with you by providing exceptional marketingservices to grow your business. If you are interested in joining us, pleasecontact us as below:  
Merchant’s Requirements: Please visit here.
Superbuy’s Contact:
1)Email us at
2)Send materials via email
      Information Needed:      • Name of the person-in-charge      • Contact of the person-in-charge      • Website of the third-party/independent platform      • Main product categories.
Superbuy cordially invites you to join us.

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