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Your Furry Friends Deserve Better
Post time 2020-12-4 11:31:27 | Last replied 5 day(s) ago | From China 楼主
Hold Your Breath! Today we are gonna sharesomething your pets will need! All purchases are based on one principle: Thesefurry cuties deserve better (though the money may be put into better use) !

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But first, take a look at the two cutiesoccupying my house (and my heart of course).



In today’s edition, we willdive into the smart feeder, smart water fountain, surveillance camera, andsmart cat toys.

1、Smart feeder


I always got a bowl full of cat food for the two.After I learned from some experts that it was better to feed the cat one mealper time, I thought of buying an automatic feeder. My requirement was simple:Serve the food on time! It would be a big bonus if it was perfectly airtightand could keep the cat food from going bad. Few sellers provided automaticfeeders (which I could afford) before, and now these products are seeing bigprice drops.


① It really comes in handy. There is an app thatallows you to set a feeding schedule and quantity on your smartphone, andbasically you just check if the feeder is empty or not every week. If it isempty, the app will send you an alert.

Itcomes with Plan B

In case of power failure, in addition tosending you an alert, it keeps working with back-up batteries, so as to servecat food undisturbed.

③ Use desiccant to keep moist away

You need to replace the desiccant with new oneevery month (the app will remind you of this) to ensure a moist-freeenvironment to store the cat food (but you have to buy desiccant constantly,which is a little headache as well).

Cons: It is really really big!

With nearly 45 cm in height and over 30 cm in width(though the numbers may not sound that big), this feeder comes with dauntingvolume, and it’s got no handle for me to move it. Every time I push it around,I feel like I’m Hulk. In particular, given that my cats weigh less than 5 kgand don’t eat that much, it seems way much bigger than what I really need.

[Overall Review]

From a technological perspective, this feeder ishighly cost-effective, and upon my observation for some time, my cats eat morethan before (without gaining weight...). And every time I pour food into thefeeder, they would come close by (so sweet, right? Though I know they're notcoming here for me~)

2、Automatic water fountain


Why I bought this?

One of my cats ( a Blue Scottish Fold) urinatedblood one day, and the symptoms didn’t go away after it took medicines for amonth. The veterinarian said its water intake was too little and it might needurinary calculi surgery if nothing was done. I heard from someone that catsprefer flowing water, so I tried this water fountain out.


① It leads to higher water intake. The cats like to lickthe water column in the middle (it thinks water there is cleaner?)
② Higher water quality. When the water is in circulation,it will be filtered over and over again, and many impurities will be filteredout. This way, the cats will drink worry-free. Maybe it can make my cats lesslikely to get kidney stones?
③ So quiet. You can only hear the sound of water flowing.


More expenditures on consumables

It filters water with a solid filter element, andthe cotton core in the bottom needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Thisreplacement cycle is not based on your usage, but on how long you have used it.Even if the cat only drinks water from it 1 or 2 times a month, you will haveto replace the cotton core.


②No backup power

It’s designed to stop working in case of powerfailures, and no water is stored in the container atop. My advice: Use it whilesomeone is home. For those leaving the house for days, a water fountain with acontainer to store water may be a better option.

[Overall Review]

I give it five stars for 1) my cat did drinkmore water, 2) it is so quiet. If frequent replacement of consumables is no bigdeal to you, just go for it, only to use alternative water source while you’renot home.  

[WorthBuying?] On a scale of 1 to 5 stars

3、Surveillance camera (not to keep an eye on thief, but to seemy cats any time I want to)


Why I bought it:

In fact, I did not intend to take pictures of catsat all (technically, this is a pet item). But the idea of using this to see mycats even when I am at work is something I cannot resist! Just imagine: thefurry cuties jump in front of the camera whenever you call their names.


① It really helps when you are away from home! Wheneveryou miss your cat, just open it! I usually take a look at the food bowl andwater basin to check its eating routine. If anything happens, you can ask somefriends to take care of it soon.
② It has a wide viewing angle. Sort of 270 degrees. Putit in the corner, you can keep an eye on the entire room.
③ The one with features like night vision and makingcalls is highly recommended, so you can see you cat clearly at night and callit over~



① It has wide angles to the left and right, but not sogood to the up and down. You have to put it lower to get a full picture.
② It dose not work for clever cats. They just ignore itno matter how hard you call their names.
③ From my own experience, some security risks exist whenit is connected to the Internet, because there were a few times that it movedaround even when I did not turn it on (maybe it took some words from myconversation as commands).

[Overall Review]

A must-have when you're away from home. You can keepan eye on your pet. I've sent it as a gift to some friends. But when you're athome, or if you can go home every day, it's better to cut off the power. Afterall, safety is the first priority.

[WorthBuying?] On a scale of 1 to 5 stars

4、Smart cat toy-Electronic catteaser wand


It’s easy to use when you sit on the sofa and want to get the catplaying around. I didn't buy a pro-level one, just the one I came across whenshopping along. After all, they work in the same way.

But it dose not work well for clever cats or thosewith lots of “cat life” experience.

Besides, I want to buy an automatic pet pooperscooper (the price is so not wallet-friendly). Is there any recommendation?

One more thing! Given that our furry friends will behere with us for merely ten years or so. Why not spend more time at home withthem whenever you can?


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