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11.11Superbuy Shopping Tips
Post time 2020-10-19 10:15:02 | Last replied 6 day(s) ago | From China 楼主
I.Tips for 11.11 Superbuy Shopping Event

Tip 1: Snap-up of Limited Deals/FlashSales

The shopping agents will try their best to snap up the 11.11Limited Deals/Flash Sales for you, but without any guarantee. Therefore, inorder to increase the success rate of snapping up these deals, we recommendthat you submit order 1-2 days in advance, so that the shopping agents can getyour order highlighted ahead of time for easier and faster purchase.

Tip 2: Purchaseof Pre-sale Items (i.e. pay in installment)

For orders of 11. 11 Pre-sale Items (i.e. pay ininstallment), we suggest that you pay in full in advance, so that our shoppingagents will get your orders highlighted ahead of time and snap up the items; Ifthe final price listed on the store is lower than the actual amount you paid,the shopping agents will refund the difference to your Superbuy account.

Note: According to rules for 11.11 Tmall and Taobao ShoppingEvent, orders of pre-sale items cannot be cancelled and the deposit cannot berefunded. In addition, Return Guarantee and modification of color, size, etc.will not be supported! Please check carefully before placing orders.

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Tip 3: To ensuresuccessful purchase and avoid order failure due to stock shortage, paymentdelay and pending confirmation, etc., we kindly remind you of the followingduring purchasing:

1.Leave remarks as clear as possible under your order
Inorder to avoid delayed purchase due to stock shortage or pending confirmation,we suggest that you get a better understanding of related risks in advance andtell the shopping agent in the“Remarks”section under your order withalternative purchasing plans.

2.Purchase “Speedy Response” service

Timeis money! Be quick! This is all that matters!!!
Ifyou forget to purchase the service when you place an order, once the order issubmitted successfully, you can go to "list of shopping agent orders” andclick “value-added service” on the corresponding order to purchase the serviceif the shopping agent has not purchased your desired item yet.

3.Choose “Order First and Pay Later”

Onthe day of the Event, it is highly likely that prices will change from time totime. In order to avoid delayed or failed purchase due to delayed payment, wesuggest that you choose “Order First andPay Later” when purchasing “SpeedyResponse” service. Shopping agents will purchase your desired items if thedifference is less than CNY 100, and you can make up the payment within 24hours.

II. Things that will not beprocessed on 11 Nov.

No.1:Refund/Return applications will not be processed on 11 Nov.

According to rules for 11.11 Taobao and Tmall ShoppingEvent, all refund applications will not be processed on 11 Nov. (00:00:00,—23:59:59, 11 Nov.).
Therefore, orders under“Purchased”status on 11 Nov. will not be eligible forrefund; in case of refund request, our shopping agent will handle it after 11Nov.

No.2: Somecoupons or bonuses cannot be claimed or redeemed on 11 Nov.

Due to ID restrictions on claiming or redeeming coupons andTmall bonuses, our shopping agents can only claim or redeem these coupons usingtheir Taobao IDs for a limited number of times. In order to ensure your desireditems can be purchased in time, we may not be able to claim or redeem somecoupons or bonuses on 11 Nov. Thanks for your understanding. For details,please refer to "Rules for Claiming Coupons for Shopping Agent Orders”
No.3: All orderenquiries will not be replied on 11 Nov.

On the day of the Event, our shopping agents will not replyto any order enquiry, and in case of emergencies such as modification of color,size, etc., please contact our online customer service.

III. ProcessingTime during 11.11 Shopping Event

1. Processingtime for orders

24-hour purchasing services will beprovided during 11.11 Shopping Event., but due to the surge in order volume,the shopping agent orders on the day of the Event may be delayed. In case ofordinary order, our shopping agent will handle it as soon as possible, and for Speedy Response order, the processingtime is 2 hour, during which the price may change correspondingly. Thanks foryour understanding!

2. Processingtime for after-sales services

Due to the surge in order volume during11.11 Shopping Event, after-sales applications such as order enquiry, expertconsultation, expedited delivery, refund/exchange request submitted from 18:00, 9 Nov. to 24: 00, 12 Nov. (Beijing Time) will be processed after 9: 00, 13Nov. and users will be notified within 72 hours. As a result of insufficientlogistics capacity nationwide during 11.11 Shopping Event, refund and exchangemay be delayed. Thanks for your understanding.

3. Transit timefor shipment and stock-in

Due to the surge in order volume and insufficient logisticscapacity during 11.11 Shopping Event, shipment and stock-in of the itemspurchased during the Event may be delayed. The exact shipping time shall besubject to the "shipping time" specified on the page of productdetails in the store. Please be patient!

4. Response Time of Customer Service

1) On the day of the Event, our online customer service will work: 8:00 - 24:00 on Nov.10 and 00:00 - 24:00 on Nov.11, and the previous working hours of 8:00 - 20:00 will be resumed starting Nov.12. You may have to get in line for reply due to the surging numbers of enquiries during the event, please wait patiently. Thank you for your understanding.

2) There will be some delays in responses to parcel enquiries and after-sales enquiries during the event due to their surging numbers. From Nov.16, the response time for parcel enquiries and after-sales enquiries will be extended to 24 - 48 hours, and the previous response time will be gradually resumed per the actual situation.We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your continued support.

5. Account Top-up

1) Poli Transaction Review: Some Poli transactions will be reviewed by a third party before the money is transferred to your account successfully. If your transaction is under review, please wait patiently.The review process generally takes 1 - 3 working days.

2) PayPal E-check Payment Review: The review process generally takes 5 - 7 working days for payment via e-check that is reviewed by PayPal.

3) Delayed or failed payment via Alipay may happen during Nov.10 to Nov.11, so we suggest that you top up your account in advance to boost the chance of snagging your favourite items.


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Thanks for the info.
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