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[Winner List] Here comes the Winner List of #Sueprbuy8thAnniv# Events!
Post time 2020-10-14 15:14:12 | Last replied 2020-11-19 04:35:50 | From China 楼主
Firstof all, great thanks to all users joining with us!

Checkthe winner list below (contact us in case of any objections)

▲Click the title to view event rules

[Winner List]




The award of Top Post goes to theabove three users, each of whom will get one CNY 288 Shipping Coupon Package [CNY100 * 2 + CNY 50 * 1 + CNY 38 * 1]

@ Mochhi_linMySupeebuy Experience

The award of Good Post goes tothe above 10 users, each of whom will get one CNY 30 No-Minimum-Spend ShippingCoupon.

Plus, users who participated in theevent following our rules will get 500 Credits+ 50 Growth Value, and those who post for the first time will get additional 500 Credits.

▲Click the title to view event rules

[Winner List]

@苏礼礼  @誰也不認識我  @Bethany   @轩辕大Tom   @机载无线电测距器

@韵Yun  @打企鹅的豆豆 @晒太阳的兜兜 @meowmeow  @lumingyueeva

@Deathmoor1   @兔火火   @又笨又懒  @XYC   @Zoe

@tianyica  @sammi  @graciaschao  @sam16282002  @tingtinglin27

@weinan.samsam   @juening  @geniiaaa  @429833965  @Yuhtao

@repsneakers   @Tim  @zhangxuebapple  @musanto  @andychiu31

@jiweo  @ogbuman @Kultawat Maneesri  @vch5220  @alexandra.angot

@madhalaster  @Vc  @chrisandersenyuki  @Susan妹妹  @jenlee1123

@lilith  @godiana1101  @mowmowme  @hiretrotechnoenergy  @imay

@acarswell87  @stickthisvinyl  @ookla48 @jjkphillip  @jkizelewicz

The award of Punchline Commentgoes to the above 50 users, each of whom will get one CNY 50 Off CNY 299Shipping Coupon (applies to 16 designated lines).

Award Criteria:
Based on the quality of content, the 50winners are selected from users who commented in the post (Chinese and English).For specific comments, please check the following


That’s all forthe winners of Superbuy 8th Anniversary Events. The prize will be sent to youraccount within 5 working days after the list is announced. You can check bysigning in your account at Superby website -> My Superbuy -> My Coupons.


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Post time 2020-10-16 00:27:48 From the mobile phone 沙发
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Post time 2020-10-24 16:05:58 板凳

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