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My Superbuy Story 优秀
Post time 2020-10-2 18:55:03 | Last replied 2020-10-10 15:28:37 | From Clarke County 楼主
Happy anniversary superbuy. Congratulations. I would like to share with you my Superbuy story, hoping it will inspire other people: Unfortunately, during the pandemic process we are in, people have to spend time at home for a long time. After spending some free time at home, the idea to make my own 3D printer came to mind. The main problem was to get all the materials home in a short time and cheaply. Of course, the place where the materials could be bought cheaply was in China. I found  cheaper than cheaper: Local markets such as Taobao. I looked for ways to shop from these sites outside of China. This search allowed me to discover Superbuy. First of all, I hesitated and tested the system myself by making small purchases. The result pleased me very much. It is great to have a warehouse of your own abroad, to bring the products you buy there together in the way you want and send them to the address you want with a logistics company of your choice. Moreover, the shipment is very fast. Most of the products I shipped reached me within 3 weeks (about 2 weeks of this period is the time passed in my country (Turkey), customs, etc.). Customer relations are very good. They answer your every question immediately and let you know in advance about potential problems and take action. For example, I bought a digital caliper. It was said that the battery would cause problems in shipping and customs. So I told them to take the battery out of the package and throw it away. They immediately did. I bought a magnifying lamp. They recommended that I reinforce the packaging against the risk of breakage. They also took care of it for a small fee. They check the product in the warehouse and share its photo. Thus, you can be sure that you are getting the right product. They once informed me that the code of the product (linear bearing) I bought did not match the code I ordered. I returned the product. After shopping over and over, I have some practical experience: For example, I combine the products I will send, not exceeding 2kg in weight, which provides me with more and cheaper logistics alternatives. It is a good coincidence that I received 3 packages from Superbuy at the time of writing these lines:-) I highly recommend Superbuy to anyone who wants to shop from China, which makes me very satisfied.   I. Albayrakoglu

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Post time 2020-10-10 15:28:37 沙发
Thank you for your recommendation, we are very lucky to have customers like you, and best wishes for you
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