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#Superbuy8thAnniv# Super Giveaways Up For Your Grabs!
Post time 2020-9-23 21:49:37 | Last replied 2020-12-12 23:29:28 | From China 楼主
WithSuperbuy 8th Anniversary coming around,
Getyourself ready for our Super Giveaways!


Scoresof events and offers are rolling out non-stop!

Take Note!

List of All Events

           1、Sign In To Get Credits

Time: Sept. 20 - 27
Rules: Get 50 Credits if you sign in  everyday during the event. If you sign in for an accumulation of 3, 6 and 8 days, you can get extra shipping coupons!

2、Flash Coupon Deal


Time: Sept. 24 -29
Rules: Grab CNY 50 & CNY 100 No-Minimum-Spend Shipping Coupon at 00:00 on Sept. 24, Sept. 26 and Sept. 28. Limited Quantity & First Come, First Served.

3、Exclusive Coupons for Popular Shipping Lines


Time: Sept. 24 -29
Rules: Up to CNY 100 off for popular shipping lines to European and Asian countries during the event.

4、 Lucky Draw

Time: Sept. 24 -29
Rules: During the event, each user has one chance to join the Lucky Draw for free. You can place orders to get extra chances (max. 10 chances).

5.Sign In To Get Freebie Snack


Time: Sept. 24 - 29
Rules: Users who signs into Superbuy during the event will get a freebie snack, which can be submitted for shipment with other parcels.

Click to view details:

Preview of BBS Events

1. 8-Year Milestone Award

800-成就奖名单 en.png

Who is the Shipping Master?
Who shares so much in Super Show?
Who is  our super fan that has been here with us all these years?

Here comes the list! Click to check them out:

2. Post to Win Shipping Coupon
Since we have known each other for this long,
I guess you must have a lot to say.

Make a post in our BBS to share what do you think of Superbuy (click here to join:

Complaints, suggestions, compliments... whatever you say, we take it!
Plus, you will have the chance to win CNY 50 Coupon (50 pieces in total).

Don’t miss out!

3. Join #Superbuy8thAnniv# to Win Shipping Coupon Package

It’s been 8 years since we started this journey together!
You may have many precious memories with us as well,
Some of which may resonate with a special parcel or order~

How about joining us in the topic #Superbuy8thAnniv# to your Superbuy story!
CNY 288 Shipping Coupon Package, Credits and Growth Value are for your grabs!

Click to learn more: ... 07&htag=18pc-bbs2en

Above is the list of all Superbuy 8th Anniversary Celebration Events! Annual Epic Deals & Don’t Miss Out!

710x394 en.jpg

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Post time 2020-10-5 11:47:05 From the mobile phone 沙发

#Superbuy8thAnniv# Super Giveaways Up For Your Grabs!

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Post time 2020-10-9 02:04:56 From the mobile phone 板凳
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Post time 2020-10-11 02:30:33 From the mobile phone 地板

#Superbuy8thAnniv# Super Giveaways Up For Your Grabs!

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Post time 2020-11-5 03:45:56 From the mobile phone 5#

#Superbuy8thAnniv# Super Giveaways Up For Your Grabs!

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