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#Superbuy8thAnniv# Sweet Giveaway to Thank You All
Post time 2020-9-23 12:02:01 | Last replied 2020-10-11 02:30:18 | From China 楼主
This year marks the eighth year that Superbuy and all users,witnessed its development milestones together! As a thank you to your support over these years, Superbuy has got a small gift for all you guys.


Sept. 24 - 29, Beijing Time ,Users who sign into Superbuy will get one pack of snack with random flavor! One Pack for Each User Only!

Really the sweetest offer for foodies! Don’t Miss Out! Limited Quantity & First Come, First Served! Act Fast While Stock Lasts!  

Check the pic for all flavors
☟ ☟ ☟

— Must-Knows —

1. How toget: You need to submit the snack for shipment before 23:59:59, Sept. 29. LimitedQuantity & First Come, First Served.
2. How tocheck: PC: "My Superbuy -> My Warehouse"; APP: "Me -> My Warehouse-> Delivery Pending"

Cannotwait to get your hands on the snack? Some users may have questions aboutfreight and shipping restrictions. No worries! Here comes the Q&A for youto figure them out!

Q1: If not submitted during the event, will the freebie snack be overdue? Does it impact how I submit other parcels?

A: No. When the event ends at 23:59:59, Sept. 29, the freebie snack will automatically vanish. It will not be overdue nor have any impact on your parcel submission for other orders.

Q2: Shall I pay the freight for the freebie snack?

A: Yes. Giventhat the maximum net weight of the snack is only 45g, we suggest that you submitit for shipment with other parcels. If the total weight dose not exceed theweight limit, no extra freight will be charged.

Q3: Is the snack subject to any shipping restrictions?

A: The freebieis a leisure snack and may be subject to shipping restrictions imposed by somelines. You can decide whether to submit it for shipment or not as per your own consideration.


Sure enough, these questions won’t scare away real foodies!If you decide to submit the snack, just remember to share with us how it tastesafter receiving it. You will get the chance to win CNY 70 Shipping CouponPackage!

Need more packs? Just go to TrixMall to place anorder!

— Post to Win Coupon —

Time: Sept. 24 - Oct. 30, 2020
How to join: Make a post with thetopic #TryFreebieSnack# to share your experience in our Super Show section, andyou will have a chance to win shipping coupons.
Requirements: A post with topic #TryFreebieSnack#+ 3 photos of the snack + a description about how it tastes with over 150 words.
Prize: CNY 70 Shipping Coupon Package(CNY 20 Shipping Coupon * 1 + CNY 50 Shipping Coupon * 1), with 20 pieces intotal.

How to Use Coupon:

1.Coupon Type: CNY 20 Off CNY 299 Shipping Coupon and CNY 50 Off CNY 699 ShippingCoupon;
2.Coupon can be deducted for international freight when you submit shopping agentparcel or forwarding parcel
3.Validity: valid for 3 months from the date of issuance
4.You can use only one coupon for each order! This coupon can not be used incombination with other coupons.

Award Criteria:

The first batch of posts will beselected according to the number of "Comment Replies + Highlights+ Views"(80% of the total score) as of 23:59:59, Oct.30, 2020. Then our editors will make the final decisions (20% of the totalscore) on who will be the winners and give away the shipping coupons.

About Prize
1.The winner list will be announced within 5 working days after the event ends,and the prizes will be issued within 3 working days after the list is announced;
2.All the prizes of this event are international shipping coupons. How to check:go to Superbuy website -> My Superbuy -> Coupons


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