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LEGO-Masterpieces Built on Details
Post time 2020-7-2 16:55:00 | Last replied 2020-10-10 01:41:57 | From China 楼主
Everyone loves LEGO! Since 1932, LEGO bricks have been accompanying generation and generation of us. They are fun to play, and can cultivate creativity and imagination. James May from Top Gear once said: "a wise man has to play LEGO." (totally made up by robots! LOL!). Today, we can explore a bit deeper into the world of LEGO.


LEGO was first invented by a Danish carpenter, from an inspiration when he lost his job (Be cool, everybody! Think twice before quitting your job to invent something).


The word LEGO as we know it today comes from two Danish words-LEG GODT, which mean "play well" in English.


How many LEGO bricks have been produced so far? No one can give an accurate number, but LEGO claims that if the total number of its bricks are shared by the world’s population, each of us can get 86 pieces!


Just like James May used LEGO bricks to build houses, LEGO fans all over the world build all kinds of things with them, proving that "we can build a world just with LEGO"!


Not only bricks, there are also series of lovely LEGO-based figures. From superheroes to workers and soldiers, all kinds of characters are here to blow our mind. If these figures are counted like real person, the "population" of LEGO kingdom is... Over 4 Billion!!


Check this LEGO series - Hedwig
Number of parts: 630pcs
Recommended age: 10+
Retail price: 399 RMB
Number of action figure: 1 (excluding Hedwig)
Finished size: length*20cm, width*35.4cm, height*17cm (including base).


The kit looks amazing when assembled. Putting it on the table, you may want to pick it up again and again to play with it. With two movable wings, this little thing is really hard to resist.
Wait a minute! If I tell you the price goes up to CN¥399 and some series cost even more, do they seem like toys for the rich? No Worries! Here are some tips to help you get a nice deal.


Deal Alert~

LEGO fans or to-be LEGO fans, if you want to buy new LEGO bricks at affordable prices, just give it a try on Used Market of Superbuy!


These used LEGO-based figures are worth a shot, as they don’t take up much space and excel in re-rendering all features, making them an nice option for exhibition cabinet. Plus, at such low price, they are a no-brainer for newcomers. You’d better collect the complete series, especially when they are still under production. Once they are not produced any more, your collection will gain some nice price jumps. Guys, sometimes the dream of getting rich overnight can become true.


Alright, here goes another deal alert~~
Just around the corner, your favorites
Are waiting there~~


Open Xianyu App, copy the product link and paste it at Superbuy, then place an order! Simple as it is!

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