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Relive the Era of Avenger - Iron Man
Post time 2020-6-22 23:19:01 | Last replied 2020-6-28 10:01:35 | From China 楼主
When it comes to characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,Iron Man is without doubt the most successful one: a super hero with human passion~ (Any disagreement? Please Let It Go!)

In fact, Marvel was far worse over a decade ago than it is now. Getting started as a publisher of comics books,its book series were not seeing sales numbers as good as its arch-rival DC Comics, nor was its animation works. Not to mention other fronts like games, TV series, movies.
In 2008, Marvel put all its hopes into one movie:Iron Man.
At that time, Robert Downey Jr. just went out of jail for the second time as a drug addict, seeing his career and life totally toasted. His wife, Susan, pulled all strings to get him an audition for Iron Man in 2007.

He also worked hard to make himself a better fit for the role, spending months getting physical and martial arts training and building muscles.

The final result? Iron Man took the world by storm, raking in $580 million at global box office under a production budget of $140 million.
So looking back, it's fair to say that Iron Man was the real savior to Marvel.

Now, many people are wondering: What is Iron Man without his armor?

All of us have been witness to the fact:
Iron Man will be the same event without any armor.

He built the armor in the first place just to help him escape from the cave, and he could have been the playboy he used to be once he pulled this off. However, when enemies attacked, he stayed ready to put on his armor and did whatever he could for the team: carrying the nuclear bomb, moving the largest asteroid and taking on Thanos alone. (OMG, I cannot hold back my tears again) ~

We saw his weaknesses through his armor, and we also witnessed all the changes he has made.
That's why we love him 3,000 --

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All right with all the tips! Let’s wrap it up today with some of my favorite lines from the movie:
It's an imperfect world,but it's the only one we've got.
You start with something pure, something exciting. Then come the mistakes. The compromises." We create our Demons"

Any other classic lines from Iron Man?
Just leave a comment in the BBS to share with us~<br/>
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Relive the Era of Avenger - Iron Man

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