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Fast Guide to Superbuy 618 Mid-Year Shopping Gala
Post time 2020-6-9 17:21:20 | Last replied 2020-6-30 11:03:57 | From China 楼主
Hi, guys! Remember our 1st guide to 618 Mid-Year Shopping Gala?
Haven’t checked it yet? No worries!
And hold your breath, ‘cause here comes the 2nd guide~~

——Taobao & Tmall
Event Calendar:
1. 50% off for bestsellers! Limited-time offer applies for first batch of buyers (0:00-1:00 on June 16);
2. Roll-out of coupons and grab the 50%-off coupons (June 13-18);
3. Red Packet Rain. You can collect hourly red packet with a total of ¥30 million via APP (June 16-18);
4. Super Red Packet, the most anticipated event! You can collect it starting 0:00 on June; 13 and use it on June 16, and everyone has 3 chances every day. Kindly reminder: highlight June 13, June 16 and June 18 on your calendar (3 additional chances will be rolled out on June 18 to increase your odds of winning).

Event Timeline
May 25 - June 20:
¥100 off ¥199, ¥200 off ¥399 and ¥400 off ¥799 for quality products from global brands;
May 23 - June 18:
¥30 off ¥99 and ¥100 off ¥199 for fresh food;
May 25 - June 20:
¥100 off ¥499 for watches;
June 1-20: ¥150 off ¥199 for milk and 618-exclusive coupons (100 pcs/day);
June 18: ¥300 off ¥2,000 and ¥600 off ¥4,000 for refrigerators and washing machines.

——Superbuy Deals!
1. Collect coupons to save big
6.15-6.20 Grab coupons (codes) at 10:00, Beijing Time, everyday! Limited-quantity & Don’t Miss out!
2. Pay for shopping agent order to get shipping fee coupon
On June 18, users that make successful payment for shopping agent order can get a ¥50 coupon package.
Kindly Reminder! Please Take Note!
Logistics routes worldwide are impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the severe backlog of parcels, the following routes will be excluded from the event:

Australia Line
New Zealand Line
Canada Tax-Free Line
Mainland China DHL
Document Route
General Cargo Line (small)

Please refer to our event-related posts (updated on 15 June) for details on promotions and logistics routes.
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Double Bonus! Check It Out!
Recommended used products - New Wonderland of Deals!
We help you purchase select used products from major Chinese marketplaces! With affordable prices and good quality, who can say no to these nick picks?

Staying committed to the principle of ingenious service,
Superbuy will always be here with you and take your shopping experience to a new level!

Before we wrap it up today, I would like to remind all you guys that the event will start on June 15 - 20, 2020!
Don’t miss out! ( set an alarm may be a nice idea) ~

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This is cool
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Fast Guide to Superbuy 618 Mid-Year Shopping Gala

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