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【Award Ceremony】How's Your Staycation During The Outbreak?
Post time 2020-4-30 16:57:16 | Last replied 4 day(s) ago | From China 楼主
The list of winners is as follows:
1st Prize (1winner):
Users above can get CN¥388 Shipping Coupon!
2nd Prize (2 winners):
Users above can get CN¥288 Shipping Coupons!
3rd Prize (3 winners):
@poffy @轩辕大Tom @ 潘薇月
Users above can get CN¥188 Shipping Coupons!
Star Prize(10 winners):
@ wellyli@ cielwu@ Papillon1314@ 39chuyin@ Elci
@ foreveryoung@ xy0323@ ftislandpri123
Users above can get CN¥30 Shipping Coupons!
Honorary mentions:
8 Users above can get 500 credits!
Congratulations to our winners!

The year of 2020 is destined to be the one most of us will never forget.
An outbreak just catches us off guard,
And also forces everyone to live in isolation at home.

This stay-at-home time should be put into better use~
So, in the first half of the outbreak,
the Chinese people showed off their cooking skills ~
Look, so many of them manged to be a self-taught cook~


Then came the later half, when people outside China grabbed the headlines,
Giving full display of unique romantic temperament and musical talent,
Violinist playing on the balcony, DJ cheering fans up.


Playing cricket through the windows~


Just wonder who would pick up the ball~

People worldwide are maximizing all their imagination
and creativity to make stay-at-home less boring ~~

What's your way of beating boredom, Superbuy users?
Practice cooking, or give a balcony concert?
Or work from home in pajamas?
Post your pics or videos,
To offer us some new ideas for staycation~


——How to join——

Join the topic #SuperStaycation#
Share your creative ways of staying at home,   
Whether you are comfortably living by yourself or enjoying the happy parent-child time,
Post to Win Big Rewards! Simple as it is!

Post your story, picture, video, or link to the video, as many as you want.
You could upload your videos to third-party platforms and post the link in your post.
(Tips: Share the post to third-party platforms to increase your chance of winning!)

Click "Post" and select "Super Show".
Make sure that you add the topic #SuperStaycation#

Step 1: Click the topic #SuperStaycation#
Step 2: Join the topic


1) Make a post in the topic #SuperStaycation#
2) You must include photos and words in the post!
3) Get extra points if you show yourself in the post.

——Event Prizes——

1st Place(1 winners):CN¥288 Shipping Coupons (CN¥100*1+CN¥50*3+CN¥38*1)
2nd Place(2 winners):CN¥188 Shipping Coupons (CN¥100*1+CN¥50*1+CN¥38*1)
3rd Place(3 winners):CN¥88 Shipping Coupon (CN¥50*1+CN¥38*1)
Star Prize (10 winners):CN ¥30 shipping coupon (CN ¥30*1)

Note:1. All other users who participated in the event following the rules will get 500 credits as a reward.
2.Users who post for thefirst time in our BBS can get an additional 500 credits
(which can be combinedwith the above rewards)

*When a user wins more than 1 prizes, only the highest prize will be granted (you can only win 1 prize).
*This event is not related to Apple Inc.


1.All the prizes of this event will be sent to your account within 3 business days after the announcement.
(How to check your coupons:My Superbuy – Wallet – Coupons)

2.Coupon Rules:
①  Shipping Coupons:
1)Eligibility: Applicable when you submit a shopping agent or parcel forwarding parcel (international shipping).
2)Expiration: The coupon will expire in 3 months after they are sent to your account.
3)This coupon cannot be stacked with other coupons.
②  Credits:
Use credits to get discounts on the international shipping.

——Event Period——

Apr.30, 2020 to May.31, 2020 (Beijing Time)

——Selecting the Winners——

The first round of winners will be selected from all eligible posts based on
the final “Comment Total + Likes Total+ views Total” (weighs 60%).
We will then select the final winners from the first round of the winners (weighs 40%)
and the final winners will get the prizes.

The monthly winners will be announced on Jun 2 (Beijing Time)
Please pay attention to the updates of our post, thank you.

※If the fairness of the winner announcement is questioned,
Superbuy reserves the right to modify the announcement after verifying the situation.

Friendly Reminders:
a) Superbuy might use the videos and photos shared by the participants of the event for legal brand promotion purposes
(Superbuy BBS,main page advertisements, Weibo promotions, Wechat promotions, etc.),
but they will never be used for any illegal activities.
b) Leave a reply below if you have any questions regarding the event, we will answer them for you.


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Post time 2020-5-5 21:10:59 沙发
support!!!! i shall do so with actions! and interest intrigue all too!
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Post time 2020-5-6 10:28:21 板凳
zhi_long_hong 发表于 2020-5-5 21:10 support!!!! i shall do so with actions! and interest intrigue all too!
Thanks for your support!
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Post time 2020-5-11 04:35:17 From the mobile phone 地板
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Post time 2020-5-11 11:38:46 5#

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Post time 2020-5-15 01:09:03 6#
Ohh I can't wait to enter this!! When I wake up I will definitely try take some pictures!!
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Post time 2020-5-15 10:10:08 7#
gekmind 发表于 2020-5-15 01:09 Ohh I can't wait to enter this!! When I wake up I will definitely try take some pictures!!
hhhhhhh Welcome!
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Post time 2020-5-15 16:05:39 From the mobile phone 8#

How's Your Staycation During The Outbreak?

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Post time 2020-6-10 22:13:27 9#
very cool

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