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Thoroughly disinfected — Superbuy warehouse is resuming work now!
Post time 2020-2-18 11:44:11 | Last replied The day before yesterday 10:48 | From China 楼主

The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary and challenging one.
Starting Feb. 3, all Superbuy staff have been working from home to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience for global users.
As for our warehouse, due to the response of level-1 epidemic prevention and control,the resuming time of operation and transit time of parcels have both been delayed.With business gradually getting back on track for various logistics providers, our Huizhou Warehouse finally resumed operation on 16 Feb!


For those shopping online at home during the Spring Festival,I guess you must find out that your parcels’ status has been updated from "not shipped" or "pick-up pending" .
Upon news report from the State Post Bureau on Feb. 10,all express companies have resumed operation,among which were STO Express, ZTO Express and Yunda Express.Logistics providers also said that since their business has resumed, they have taken protective measures to ensure safe pick-up of parcels.


Since the novel coronavirus has not been completely eliminated,and the prevention and control of its spread is still the highest priority for all parts of China.In order to keep offering shipping services for overseas users and ensure the safety and health of our staff during the outbreak,various measures have been taken in our warehouse. Let’s take a look!

Enhanced sanitation for warehouse :


We clean and disinfect the places where people to people contact happens a lot in the warehouse, such as tables, canteen, washroom and floor.
For less visible spots like seats, door handles, mouses and keyboards,commonly-used equipment and tools, etc., we wipe them with disinfectant first and then use clean water to keep them cleansed. Plus, good ventilation of the whole warehouse is maintained all the time.

Strict protection during work:


Since all-round disinfection has been implemented in the warehouse,in order to keep our stall from cross infection, the working area, washroom, dormitory and other places the staff will probably gather will be disinfected every day to maintain good sanitation; the staff on duty will be guided on safety issues and avoid travel as much as possible, and the access to visitors will be limited and protective measures will be taken thoroughly.We will check the body temperature and breathing condition for everyone and keep detailed records on a daily basis.

During the outbreak, although logistics providers have resumed general operation,due to various regional policies, it still takes time for them to get back to their work in full swing.
Additionally, many enterprises have not been approved to resume work,resulting in continuous off-duty of many warehouse staff.
Given this, despite that the pick-up process of parcels has been improved,the timeliness still cannot be guaranteed. Thanks for your understanding
(the resuming time of operation of logistics providers in Wuhan is still subject to further notice, so no details will be given here)

United as one, we will win the battle against the virus!
Superbuy is committed to providing ingenious services to all global users.
No matter how severe the outbreak is, we will win the battle against it eventually!
Dear users, we won’t let you down whatsoever ~

We are so grateful for your understanding during the outbreak!
More parcels are on their way to our warehouse and will be delivered to you as fast as possible.
Superbuy will always be here to provide you with the best services.



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Post time 2020-2-19 17:30:24 From the mobile phone 沙发
Raise the hat for Corona fighter ✌️
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Post time 2020-2-21 13:58:34 From the mobile phone 板凳

Thoroughly disinfected — Superbuy warehouse is resuming work now!

thx for the service, we stand together~
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Post time 2020-2-24 10:10:48 地板
boomma 发表于 2020-2-21 13:58 thx for the service, we stand together~
Thanks for your support!
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Post time 2020-3-10 23:03:19 From the mobile phone 5#

Thoroughly disinfected — Superbuy warehouse is resuming work now!

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Post time 2020-3-11 10:27:30 6#
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