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Pro Tips To Shop Used-items | Must-Buys from 3 Major Marketplaces
Post time 2020-2-14 10:55:04 | Last replied 2020-3-8 14:44:16 | From China 楼主
When Xianyu, and debuted on the Internet,
The idea of Used Itemcoming across my head was like this:
☟ ☟ ☟


That’s all changedbecause I got a used game machine on Xianyu some days later, with the idea ofjust trying my luck.
Since then, I am reallyinto this used-item thing and hunt for nice picks from time to time.


At present, there areseveral major used-item marketplaces in China, such as Xianyu,,, and
Where you can find tonsof niche items.
For all the features and advantageof these platform, youcan click here

Scroll down to check the must-buys fromthese platforms

Must-buys from Xianyu

Xianyu, as an all-in-one platform, isconsidered as "Taobao of Used-items", where you can expect lots ofsurprises there. However, the sellers are from all walks of life and you needstay alert to avoid some pitfalls.

一、Toy List

Toys like dolls and tin figurines are notjust kids. Cherishing your childlike innocence has nothing to do with age.

FujiyaToy Series



Anyone who like Fujiya Toy Series canfollow @洋洋潇,a seller on Xianyu who has many followers and nice ratings. Advantages: a hugevariety of items including dolls, stickers, pendants, small bags, etc.



ActionFigure fans of Astro Boy, Prince Mackaroo, Doraemon and other Japanese popularanime characters? You can follow @哒ye to get some really nicepicks.



Rememberthe toys for those born in 1980s or1990s? Old foreign picture films, playcards, tin toys, old tapes, building blocks and more! Follow @旧货破烂小霸王 to bring some memories back!



二、Animaland Plant Specimen

If you are a fan of specimen, just giveit a try on Xianyu, where you may find some masterpieces!



You can follow @乖乖明天来, a seller onXianyu, who herself is a little girl who likes to make high-quality specimens.Plus, customization is supported here.
In addition to the items mentioned above, thereare many more stuff up for your grabs on Xianyu.
Yu Tang is like the fan base in some way. OnXianyu, there are Coca-Cola Club, Vinyl Record Club, Japan Second-Hand Club andmore.

Whatever youwant to buy on Xianyu, just copy the product URL and open it on Superbuy toplace an order. Clickhere to learn how to purchase from Xianyu.

Must-Buys & / Mobilephones and areused-item marketplaces run by and respectively. Compared withsmall vendors on Xianyu, the certified sellers on these two platforms can bemore trusted, and you can buy digital products with ease.


If you cannot trust Xianyu when buydigital products, just go to and for a change, whereUnconditional 7-Day Return & Exchange is supported. If you happen to jointheir promotions, you can save a lot more.

Must-Buys from

Established for only five years, is aplatform focusing on used luxury items, where you can get up to 70% - 90% offof many luxury brands, such as jewelry, clothing, bags, etc.

Top Brand Accessories



There are a lot of earrings sold from CNY100 to CNY 200. The daisy-shaped ones are suitable for summer, while theretro-style ones made with emerald are just go with the popular Hong Kongstyle. See these pearl ear studs? Must-have for turtleneck sweater in autumnand winter.


A handsome windbreaker is a perfect matchfor autumn, right? Burberry's windbreaker is a real classic. In addition toBurberry, there are many other brands for you to choose from (with steepdiscounts, of course)!


Brooch is also a must-have for yourautumn and winter outfit. A simple-style black high-collar sweater with abrooch can make you like a super star. offers an App for you toexplore nice deals on bags and watches, not just clothing and accessories. Takeyour time!

At present, you cannot copy the productURL from Goshare2com and open it on Superuby to place an order. If you want tomake a purchase, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go toSuperbuy website

Step 2: On thehome page, you can go to Expert Service -> Submit Purchase Order, and clickEmail Us on the pop-up window.




Step 3: SelectCategory, enter product name and description, upload the product photos, andthen click Submit.


We will charge a service fee whenpurchasing used-items for you. See details below:
Service Fee and Must-Knows

A service fee will be charged basedon your VIP level.


(Note: if yourequest refund for any order that is under“Purchased” status while has not beenshipped yet, the service fee will not be refunded)


[Shipment Risk] Since used itemsare not monitored by third-party platforms, it is possible that the seller willnot ship the item or delay the shipment after receiving payment. If thathappens, you will be responsible for any possible loss.
[Return & Exchange Not Supported] Due tothe special nature of used items, no Return & Exchange is supported bySuperbuy once they are sold.
[No Professional Inspection] Since these areused items instead of brand-new ones, we can only inspect their appearance after they aredelivered to our warehouse (inspection on quality, authenticity and integrityis not available). The quality of such items is beyond our control, and youwill be responsible for any possible losses.

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