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Though the virus keeps us isolated, our services never stop!
Post time 2020-2-11 16:35:04 | Last replied 2020-11-22 22:12:06 | From China 楼主

Since extending the Spring Festival Holiday,
Superbuy,starting from 3 Feb., has been taking active measures to resume
operation remotely following government requirements.

During the coronavirus outbreak,
we are isolated geographically,but our services never stop!
While doing their own part to contain the virus,
our staff try their best to provide ingenious services to global users.
Following pics will give you a glimpse of how we work remotely.

——Customer Enquiry——

Our online customer service has been resumed from 3 Feb.
Due to some issues related equipment and internet connection,
the timeliness of service will be delayed.
Please wait patiently and thanks for your understanding.

This is how our customer service staff worked before the virus hit.


This pic also shows how they worked previously


And this is how they work now


Of course, our service staff working at front line are also doing their own part:


Due to the outbreak,
we voluntarily isolate ourselves at home following government requirements.
Although working at different places with subpar equipment and internet connection,
we will try our best to provide our users with the best services.
This is what Superbuy excels with its commitment and guarantee derived
from business experience of seven years in cross-border e-commerce sector.

—Order Purchase—

The sudden outbreak put the whole country on hold,
and our shopping agents are doing whatever they can to get their job done.
Collecting equipment and debugging network at home,
they have only one goal in mind:
to process orders from users in turn starting from 3 Feb.


Currently, order processing and delivery are subject to the business
resumption of some domestic sellers, platforms and logistics providers,
which will result in some delays of service timeliness.
We are grateful for your understanding under the special circumstances

—Warehouse Service—

Though the resuming time of our warehouse service is still subject
to the containment of coronavirus and government requirements,
our staff cannot wait to get their work started soon!

At a time when the coronavirus puts everyone on high alert,
our service staff still figure out different ways to solve problems for global users.
In addition to contacting the couriers for delivery and outlining plans for urgent parcels,
they are actively taking disinfection measures for warehouse,
all of which give a full display to our principle of ingenious services.


—Technical Support—

The ingenious services offered by Superbuy are derived from combined
efforts of Front-end Team and Product & Research Team.
During the Spring Festival Holiday, all R & D staff stay on duty to ensure
the normal operation of the system,
and timely process and solve product-related problems for users,
so as to provide them with a hassle-free shopping experience.


—Marketing Campaign—

The New Year brings along a fresh start of everything.
Are you ready to join our big promotion on 11. Feb ?
Launched by our Operation

Sweet surprise: Superbuy Spring Offer

You deserve better in the year of 2020!
Get Exclusive Shipping Coupon Package to save on shipping.


(CN¥ 85 Shipping Coupon Package includes:
CN¥ 10 Shipping Coupon *1, CN¥ 30 Shipping Coupon *1 and CN¥ 45 Shipping Coupon *1)
(CN¥ 220 Shipping Coupon Package includes:
CN¥ 10 Shipping Coupon *1, CN¥ 60 Shipping Coupon *1 and CN¥ 150 Shipping Coupon *1)
Term of validity: February 11-march 11., 2020. Use Them ASAP!

【How to check coupons】
for PC users: go to“My Superbuy”-> “ Assets” -> “Coupons";
for APP users: go to “ Me” -> “Coupons”.

(* Note: users who have parcels stocked in the warehouse by 4 Feb.
will get one Shipping Coupon Package with the face value marked randomly.)

Exclusive offer: Generous Coupons

Want to save big on shipping?
Here are some generous coupons just for you!
We really mean it when we say you can “Buy More to Save Bigger”!


Participate in our BBS activities to get shipping coupon up to CN¥ 200!
Just redeem the shipping coupon with the code.


During the event,
each user can only get one coupon with the same face value.
Limited quantity & First come, first served~

【How to check coupons】
for PC users: go to“My Superbuy”->“ Assets” ->“Coupon" ->“My Coupons”;
for APP users: go to“ Me” ->“Coupons”->“Add”.
——Click here to join now!——

Department, the campaign of“Superbuy Spring Gala & Tons of Coupons”
will offer you lots of exclusive deals and coupon packages with savings
up to CN¥ 200!Hold on, is there something missing?

(Spoiler alert: check the lovely pics of our staff at the end)

Like the Sword of Damocles,
the new coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) in the beginning
of 2020 deals a heavy blow to China and we are overwhelmed with sadness.
Hundreds of people are quarantined every day with on-going shortage of
medical supplies in frontline hospitals. As Kissinger said in On China,
”China is always well protected by their bravest people”,
angels in white uniforms from all over the country come to support Wuhan
and fight in the front line to contain the virus.
With 1.4 billion Chinese people and many overseas Chinese
standing together tofight the outbreak,
we will win the battle against this virus in the end.


We also have a group of brave people in Superbuy!
Whenever an emergency hits,
They always try their best to provide ingenious services to global users,
Though we are isolated geographically due to the virus, our services never stop!
Superbuy will be here with you every step of the way!


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Post time 2020-3-3 16:07:03 From the mobile phone 沙发

Though the virus keeps us isolated, our services never stop!

Really appreciate the hard work and effort in all aspects over there, it really amazes me!  Good health and stay safe!
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Post time 2020-3-3 17:47:55 板凳
pemrick79 发表于 2020-3-3 16:07 Really appreciate the hard work and effort in all aspects over there, it really amazes me!  Good hea ...
Thank you for your support!
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