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Tips for 12.12 Shopping Carnival |Spring Festival Shopping with influencers!
Post time 2019-12-5 18:21:55 | Last replied 2020-1-12 07:14:42 | From China 楼主
Attention! The year of 2019 is coming to its big finale!
Double 12 is definitely the carnival for savvy shoppers. So, how to grab all the perks in this shopping spree?
Ding! Here comes the ultimate tips just for you!
Shopping with influencers from Taobao to buy more and save bigger at the 12.12 Shopping Carnival!

Let’s check out the items recommended by these influencers (LOL)

Viya: Presenter of Global Best Sellers
   Our Ratings: ★★★★☆

Clean and sweet, it gives out the fragrance of sugar cane.
Drinking it with some hot water will help you stay warm throughout winter.¥ 69 Only!

[Taobao Maker Festival Limited] The unusual fusion of two kinds of totally different tastes
will give your taste buds something so unforgettable!
Fans of pickled bamboo shoots will definitely fall for this delicacy!¥ 63.9 Only (from ¥ 78.9)

Must-have mouse pads for E-sports fans!
Your desk deserves some colorful fittings and level-up with these China-designed trendy items.
Moving smoothly and precisely, they give out a sense of ritual!¥ 65 Only (from ¥ 99)

Your hands need extra protection! “
Food Grade Certified” means you can directly touch food wearing them,
and with those non-slip particles, dish washing will be worry-free. Simple and never simple!
¥ 29.9 Only

Perfect match for exquisitely-dressed girls! Flexible leather,neat and meticulous stitching
in combination of diamond-likebutton carries on the temperament of celebrities!¥ 39 Only

The right choice of base shirt will keep you stylish and warm throughout autumn and winter!
They can easily accentuate your figure, and the most important part :
they make you look slimmer.¥ 49 Only

Li Jia’qi (Austin): Lipstick Prince of Taobao
Our Ratings: ★★★★★

Known as "bride mask", Dr.Jart+ is a skincare expert in repairing, refreshing and hydrating.
In need of moisturizing? Dr.Jart+ is your go-to solution!¥ 55 Only

Say goodbye to the days of cluttered foundation!
Made of high elastic materials, this soft power puff can make your foundation fine and smooth
¥ 42 Only

It gives out the baking-based salty smell and is crisp and crunchy like potato chips.
Take my words: it is definitely the must-have household snack!¥ 24.8 Only

Feeling like your second layer of skin, they keep you warm in the most intimate way.
It is the best time to stock up on these thermal base shirts for yourself and your loved one.¥ 188 Only

The lip mask that equips with a tiny brush is just something to make you stylish.
It contains essence extracted from "liquid diamond" ,
which can protect your delicate lips all around!¥ 29 Only

The lipstick set is designed with ancient styles in combination of flowers and auspicious clouds.
In terms of color options, it offers cameo brown, classic red, etc.. you name it!
Really irresistible for girls!¥ 88 Only

Cherie: Taobao Super Influencer
12.12 Exclusive: New Arrivals 10% Off & Free Shipping for Any Purchase
Our Ratings: ★★★☆

Elegant knit dress with drawcord for sexy silhouette.
Estimated Price: ¥ 199 (from ¥ 244)

Want to look elegant and high-class in the party?
This crafted turkey feather coat won’t let you down!
Estimated Price: ¥ 499 (from ¥ 549)

For delicately-dressed ladies, this mink fur & leather bag is absolutely match to go with your outfit!
12.12 Only: ¥ 254 ( from ¥ 559) (estimated ¥ 229 combined with coupons)  

Eve: Taobao Super Influencer
6 Types of Store Coupons Available During 12.12
Up to ¥ 200 Off!
Our Ratings: ★★★☆

Lots of girls in our BBS have put on these thick leggings,
real insanely hot sales in the winter. They can help you pull in tummy and lift hips all day long!
Estimated Price: ¥ 349 (from ¥ 399)

Check out this Sailor Moon X fleece hoodies with the pretty laser print!
Estimated Price: ¥ 214 (from ¥ 239) combined with coupons

Total reflection of your tenderness deep down!
It offers 5 colors and you can wear it on both sides. Go get one with your besties!
Pre-order now to enjoy up to ¥ 140 off on 12 Dec.!

Xue Zhiqian (Joker): Pop Star/Punster
5 Types of Store Coupons Available During 12.12
Time to Get Yourself a New Year Look!
Our Ratings: ★★★★☆

Loose gradient knitted sweater, one of DSP best sellers! Up to ¥ 75 off combined with coupons.
Estimated Price: ¥ 469

The best seller of DSP Iceberg Series! It got raving 5-star reviews in our BBS!
Estimated Price: ¥ 154 (from ¥ 159)

12.12 Exclusive New Arrival & Sell at 00:00 on 12 Dec. Only!
Sports jackets made of cashmere have seen growing popularity this year!
You can enjoy up to ¥ 95 off for this one!Estimated Price: ¥ 509 (from ¥ 599)

The classic plaid cargo pants are long-time wardrobe staples!
Unisex style is just suitable for both men and women and it helps fend off winter chills.
Enjoy up to ¥ 55 off on 12 Dec.!Estimated Price: ¥ 349 (from ¥ 399)

With all the tips and perks, grabbing good deals for New Year is easier and happier, right?
Wish all you guys can have lots of fun buying whatever you want!  

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Post time 2019-12-6 23:56:38 From the mobile phone 沙发
Where is the yeezy 500 discounts?
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Post time 2019-12-9 09:15:52 From the mobile phone 板凳
12/12 big day for ShOpping😎
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Post time 2019-12-9 16:34:11 地板
lingf31 发表于 2019-12-9 09:15 12/12 big day for ShOpping😎
Yeah, let's shopping!
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Post time 2019-12-29 08:05:10 From the mobile phone 5#

Tips for 12.12 Shopping Carnival |Spring Festival Shopping with influencers!

marshan replied at 2019-12-6 23:56 Where is the yeezy 500 discounts?
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