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Check this Quick Quide to become a GK master
Post time 2019-12-3 14:57:08 | Last replied 2020-2-23 12:10:00 | From China 楼主

With a long-held rumor going like
“it will cost your life savings to buy all kinds photography supplies”,
GKs have seen a great momentum recently to
become the new habit for some deep-pocket enthusiasts
First thing first, what is GK?

Generally interpreted as Garage Kits, GK represents the personality of
archetypal engineer and refers to the three-dimensional model toys made
according to the proportion of animation characters as the prototype.
One of the fun GKs brings along is DIY, in which you can personally
complete the complex process of grinding / assembling / coloring.



There are two Japanese GK experts on Twitter, who just focus on cats and dogs ↓


Cats are known to be liquid, and so are little mice,
That’s the idea behind these funny Tom & Jerry figures.





Based on the misplaced pictures from our daily life,
just an addition of imagination will lead to loads of ridiculous pics.




Check out this miniature GK expert, who just showcases that everything is can be make into GKs.

ins@ tanaka_tatsuya



His inspiration? Avengers, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Ultraman, Ghibli…you name it.




Dream GKs don’t show up every day, why not go search for them on Taobao?
If you are lucky enough, a whole bunch of them are just there for your grabs.   

Japanese Anime

Assembly models based on Dragon Ball, the all-in-one set of Goku / Broly / Super Saiya


Full series of Bandai Gundam RG Models, the must-have collection for die-hard fans!


The 20th anniversary edition of One Piece from Bandai "Super Alloy" series,
a reflection of the classic sail.


Sailor Moon sculpture in 1:6 ratio, an authentic edition launched by Tsume.


A red-hair Sakuragi Hanamichi in the ratio of 1:1, with a cape that can be taken off!
Definitely one of the most sought-after collections in my life~


American & European Comics

A gift box of Avengers launched by Disney,
10 marvel characters are just here for you!
Sooooo exciting!


The global limited edition of Solo: A Star Wars Story with exclusive numbered CARDS
Depicting of Han Solo & Chewbacca returning together, with a delicate base.


Fans of Frozen II, check this out! Figures of Anna and Elsa,
made of high quality resin, are something you should never miss out!


A 1:3 reworking of Batman: Dark Knight, the full-length statue of Joker,
made of real fabric and with high imitation hair,
is a true respect to the screen classics that every fan should have.



King of Glory collector's edition, Li Bai the millennium fox,
100% reflection of the popular character,
Fox or disaster? No one cares, but this GK add-on must be in your whole package.


The cartoon version of Wei Wu’xian has the cutest palms ever!
Fans, are you gonna fall for it?


The cartoon version of A Dream of Red Mansions X Baodai Cat,
PVC GKs created by Moonman & Guajila,
is the irresistible collection for any Chinoiserie fan.


For any fan of Ne Zha, a blockbuster movie in the summer,
the officially authorized version of Ne Zha Series created by Mona Studio
will take you into the world of Ne Zha and Ao Bing again!


Based on series of Oriental Monkeys created by artist Liu Dongzi,
This colored full –length figure of Spirit of Ghost · Energy: Heart Out made of
resin offers a vivid demonstration of Monkey King's unruliness.


Once a GK lover, a GK lover forever!
For you to get your favorite GKs timely and safely,
just go to Superbuy to get access to the quality shipping services!


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