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Trendy New Arrivals | Fashionable Sneakers from China, snag a pair while they are affordable
Post time 2019-11-28 16:45:59 | Last replied 2019-11-30 01:07:33 | From China 楼主
In recent years, China sneaker brands have caught on and gained huge momentum in overseas market.
Don't believe it? Never mind! Check them out with us, and they will blow your mind!

From Atmos Con in Japan to Complex Con in the US, Li-Ning has been in the center of spotlight in these fashion galas with a long waiting list of buyers coming around.
Spectacular, isn’t it?


With well-defined areas and deconstruction design, ESSENCE II SERIES have been praised as the best option in the price range of RMB 1,000.


ESSENCE 2.3 DISCOVERY, the runaway model showcased in Fall / Winter 2019 New York Fashion Week, re-ignites the spirit of “Fashion In Essence”.


The Pan Gu series, named after the creator of universe in ancient Chinese mythology, are designed as outdoor walking shoes and becomes the top seller of the runway models from the New York Fashion Show.


Lightweight and comfy, FURIOUS RIDER ACE has made its debut in Spring/Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week.


COUNTERFLOW by Li-Ning, a bold reference to the retro clunky sneakers and with the design of sock racer, can be perfect matching shoes for young couples.


ARC ACE Running Shoes, designed with shock absorption technology and a touch of Chinese charisma, can unleash all your personality.


Gone with the old and rustic design, it is the new fashion now!
Netizens have been joking around, "I used to buy ANTA shoes because I was short on money, but now I cannot afford them just because of the same reason!"
Since the launch of THOMPSON G2 series in 2002, ANTA has been nicknamed as the king of cement basketball court.
Now, its multiple series of shoes have seen an upgrade to “everyday life” from just “basketball only”!


New arrivals for Nov. 2019!
Lok Ng Series, created with inspiration from the four beasts in ancient Chinese mythology, namely, green dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and tortoise.
WOW! Totally Almighty!


After the launch of NASA and Marvel cross-overs, the new unisex ANTA x Dragon Ball series is coming out this month.
Pick a pair based on your favorite characters!


Touted as the first generation of Chinese sneakers, WARRIOR was created in 1927, boasting a history of 92 years!
Almost all kids in China grew up wearing a pair of WARRIOR-branded shoes in the past, and the girls of China Women's Volleyball Team also wore them while winning the top honor for their country.


For just CNY 150, you can get a pair of the Reborn series (a metaphor of having great power to overcome all difficulties) , which have been showcased by so many celebrities and supermodels.


For the fashion icons living in a city with heavy rains, the water-proof and wallet-friendly Invalid Resistance series are the prime option!


PEAK deserves to stay on our list too!
Check out the PEAK TAICHI 1.0 PLUS, the secret force pushing the brand into the Billion Club in terms of sales during the 2019 Double 11 Shopping Event.
In development of 6 years, the TAICHI 1.0 PLUS series can keep your feet super comfortable.
Try them out, run as a breeze!  


XTEP, a dark horse in the fashion world, debuted several series in recent years, among which the Obsidian series have received top-rated reviews from sneakerheads in Instagram.   


Obsidian-MoonWalk Series, the lace-style classic selected by Jeremy Lin, say it all!  


Breaking old hackles and keeping innovating with in-house technology, the new trendy China-branded sneakers have emerged as a leading force in the global fashion arena!

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