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[Lesson 2] Signing Your Parcels
Post time 2019-9-9 17:59:46 | Last replied 2019-10-24 16:30:54 | From China 楼主
Welcome back to Ace Class, everyone!
The one and only class you need to start your Superbuy journey!Today, I’m going to teach you how to sign your parcels properly. Please don’t forget to take notes.


Let’s start with a quiz about signing parcels.
Which of the following options are correct?
A. Before you sign a parcel, check if the packaging of the parcel is damaged or opened.
B. Sign the parcel in front of the courier if possible.
C. Just sign and take the parcel. I don’t want to waste my time!
D. Before you sign a parcel, check if the weight of the parcel meets your expectation.
Correct Answers: A, B, D.
Easy question, right? It would be wise if you check your parcel before signing. Also, make sure that you inspect your parcel like a detective who is collecting evidence from a crime scene. Please pay attention to the details.
First, please refuse the delivery if you can see that the parcel is damaged when the courier brings it to you.
However, make sure that you take photos of the parcel. The photos should show the damages and the waybill.
Also, don’t forget to file a complaint with the courier or the local postal office. After your complaint is accepted, ask for the proof of refused delivery.
You need to take a photo of the proof and submit it to Superbuy with other related photos or videos. Superbuy will contact the logistics provider and request the after-sales service for you.


You might have a question here. In my city, the courier is usually not around when I sign the parcel. What should I do?

If you find that the parcel is damaged and the product inside might also be damaged after you sign a parcel without the courier around, please take a photo of the parcel before opening it.
Also, contact the local courier or postal office and file a complaint and a damage claim.
Please send the photos of the damage claim and the damaged parcel to us by requesting after-sales service.
Don’t forget to tell us if your product is also damaged. Superbuy will help you contact the logistics provider and request the after-sales service.

timg (1).jpg

Attention, everyone, detailed parcel signing notes will be listed here:
If you find that you receive a wrong product or if there is a product missing/broken, please stay clam and follow the procedures below. Superbuy will solve the problem for you.
1.Please keep the packaging of the parcel (including the tape used to seal the parcel).
2.Submit the feedback to the local courier within 2 days (refer to the time shown on the tracking information from the website of the logistics provider) after signing the parcel.
This is the example of USPS.
3.Send the invoice of the product, photos of the received product, and any other related information to Superbuy within 2 days after signing the parcel.
4. Wait for Superbuy to verify the situation and request compensation for you.

Alright, we started the class with a quiz, so we should probably end the class with a quiz.
International user Jack used Superbuy shopping agent service to purchase a 3C product and the product was delivered to him after 20 days. However, platforms like Taobao and Tmall will only provide after-sales services within 7 to 15 days after the product is delivered to the destination. What should Jack do?
A. It’s just a 3C product. I’m smart and I think I can fix the problem.
B. The seller is a blatant liar! This order is a joke! I’m going to leave a negative review!
C. Request after-sales service for the parcel through Superbuy. Ask Superbuy customer service to communicate with the seller for me.
D. I’m just so unlucky. I’ll never use the shopping agent service again. What a pain!
06_副本_副本 (1).jpg
This is also a very easy question. Obviously, the answer is C.
Usually, shopping agent orders will be transported internationally, and it is hard for your parcel to be delivered within the after-sales period of Taobao. However, don’t worry. If you need after-sales services after receiving the product, Superbuy will still help you communicate with the seller. Also, Jack’s problem might be caused by IP restrictions since he is not in China.

Ace is happy that you stayed awake in class. Did you take notes? Don’t forget to put your learning into practice. In the next class, we’ll talk about lost parcels and customs problems. Remember, never skip classes!

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