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[Important] Superbuy Has Launched the Redesigned Webpages! Check Out the New Offers and Functions!
Post time 2019-8-1 20:13:33 | Last replied 2019-9-21 10:34:37 | From China 楼主
Are you wondering why Superbuy's website looks a bit different? Following your suggestions, we have redesigned and adjusted some of our webpages. We are trying to bring you a better and a more user-friendly Superbuy. There are a lot of new features on the site, but one thing will never change-We will always provide you with the best service available!

What's New

Homepage: We have redesigned the interface and improved the shopping tools. We have also added new content like Shopping News, Selected Logistics Lines, Rankings, and Online Flea Market. With all the new features, you will have an easier time with your online shopping journey.

Shopping Agent: Shopping News, Selected Chinese Products, and Rankings for Super Deals, Super Picks, and Super Articles are now available on Superbuy's shopping agent page. Never miss the latest news and updates again.

Superbuy Tutorial: We have optimized our new user experience. Complete the shopping agent demonstration, the parcel forwarding demonstration, and the new user tasks for a chance to win shipping discounts.

About Us: We will show you what Superbuy has to offer so you can learn more about us.

The shopping agent procedure, the parcel forwarding procedure, BBS, and the system are not redesigned this time.


Are you excited about our new offers and new functions?
Do you want to know where you can find them?
The answers are below.

——New Homepage

With optimized functions, a new interface, and exciting new features, this will be your best shopping experience ever!

With a clean and simple search bar in the center of the page, you can find the 4-step shopping agent guide right below. Click "Learn More" to enter the Superbuy Tutorial. In the tutorial, you can find a lot of helpful information and there will be exclusive offers for our new users. Below the guide, you will see the Shipping Estimation, Logistics Tracking, and Help Center. They will take you straight to the solution and answer the questions you might have before you place the order.


★Selected Logistics Lines is a new page that will show you the top 3 cost-effective logistics lines. Information like shipping restrictions and estimated delivery time will be updated on a regular basis. Check this page out when you are having trouble selecting the line.


★Online Flea Markets is a new section that is connected to professional used product platforms like Xianyu and Kongfz Used Books. Finding used products online has never been so easy. More features will be introduced soon, please stay tuned.


★We have optimized the Selected BBS Posts section by displaying the photos from our users' posts. You can also view the Recommendations and Reviews here. When you find a post you enjoy, please like it and add it to your favorites. If you want to talk to the original poster, don't be shy, just leave a comment below.


★Shopping News and Ranking have been added to the new shopping agent page. Check out the details below!

———New Shopping Agent Page

The original shopping agent page focused more on the products but now we are focusing on the content. We will find the most valuable resources for you and you can use them as a reference.

★If you want to know what products are worth buying, please check out our new Ranking section. Super Deals, Super Picks, and Super Articles, everything you need is here. Find the best offers and become a master shopper!


★The rotating featured posts will be displayed in the new Shopping News section. All the posts are made by real users. They will tell you how they feel about the product and their shopping experience. When you see a product you like, you can save the helpful information like the shipping fee to the destination country, the delivery time, the weight of the parcel, and the logistics line. You can use the information as a reference when you want to purchase a similar product. Also, you can check out the products purchased by other users when you are having trouble making the decision. Don't forget the Special Recommendations and the Event Preview on the right side of the page. They are packed with great information.


★Introducing the new Global Shopping section, the borderless online shopping heaven with many destinations for you to select. More countries and regions will be available soon. Please stay tuned.


——Brand New Superbuy Tutorial

We want to make things easier for our new users, so we have reorganized and optimized Superbuy’s shopping agent and parcel forwarding guide. You will also find new features like the shopping agent demonstration, the parcel forwarding demonstration, and the user tasks in the guide. This guide is more complete than ever!


★You can learn about Superbuy's shopping agent and parcel forwarding services in the New User Guide. If you want to learn to use the shopping agent service, you can try the Shopping Agent Demonstration. When you complete the demonstration, you will get a CN¥10 shipping order with no minimum spend requirement. Isn't it exciting?


★With the new features, new users can still claim the CN¥188 New User Gift but you can get even more shipping coupons (no minimum spend requirement) with different discounts by completing New User Tasks. The tasks are simple, and you will be able to complete them easily. If you still have questions regarding cross-border shopping, you can check out the "Shopping Tips".


Friendly Reminder: Each user can only claim the red packet from the demonstrations and the new user tasks once. The red packet can be used for international shipping fee discounts.

Definition of New User: A new user is a user that registered and verified account successfully after August 1st, 2019, 18:30:00.

——New About Us Section

Superbuy's goal has never changed. We want to provide our users with the best services available in an honest and responsible way. In the new About Us section, you can learn more about Superbuy's stories, culture, services, and where our users are from. Come and take a look now! You can also reach this section through "WHO/WHY/WHAT/HOW" below the search bar.




——Bugs and Suggestions

There is no such thing as a perfect product, but we can always try and improve. Although our product team has tried their best to find the bugs, you might still encounter bugs when visiting our site. If you happen to encounter a bug, please tell us about it. Also, our designers, programmers, and product developments love it when you share your suggestions with us.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for supporting Superbuy and thank you for bearing with us.  We will listen to your opinions and continue to improve our services. We strive to provide you with the best user experience available. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us through our customer service. Thank you!
Service Email:

Superbuy Team August 1st, 2019

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Post time 2019-8-1 23:11:37 From the mobile phone 沙发

[Important] Superbuy Has Launched the Redesigned Webpages! Check Out the New Offers and Functions!

oh nice improvement !
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Post time 2019-8-2 02:26:39 From the mobile phone 板凳
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