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Recommendations on Logistics Lines
Post time 2019-6-18 15:34:19 | Last replied 2019-8-17 09:24:23 | From China 楼主
618 is a hectic period for logistics providers.
To make sure your parcel arrives fast and safely, we have prepared the logistics line recommendations for you!
We have summarized the logistics lines for certain products using
6 major destination countries as examples (in no particular order)
and have selected logistics lines that offer a good balance between price and speed.
The recommendations are for reference only.  

※The customs policy and inspection levels of different countries
change from time to time.
Superbuy will keep you updated through its online notice.
Please pay attention.

★ Let’s first check out the recommended logistics lines for the most anticipated 3C products
(such as PC supplies and gaming devices) from JD 618 event!

a. For direct plug-in 3C products with a total of less than or equal to CN¥4000
【no battery included and not a famous brand】:


b. For direct plug-in 3C products with a total of over CN¥4000
【no battery included and not a famous brand】:


★ Are there logistics lines for large products, such as guitars and oversized body pillows?
First, you need to understand the term 【Volumetric Weight】,
and the formula for calculating volume weight is Volumetric Weight = Length*Width*Height (cm) *1000/5000.
The numbers here refer to the package dimensions of the product.
For example, the volumetric weight of a product with 50*50*50cm packaging will be 25000g.

a. When the volumetric weight of the product is larger than the actual weight,
the following logistics lines are recommended:


b. When the volumetric weight of the product is smaller than the actual weight,
the following logistics lines are recommended:


For products (beauty products, skin care, etc.) that contain liquid, gel, powder 【not white powder (or similar) 】,
there is a risk that these products may be confiscated or returned by the customs as they are 【sensitive】 products.
We suggest that you purchase products with a content limit of 100ml/g.
The logistics lines below are recommended when sensitive prouducts contanined do not exceed 100ml/g per ID and 200ml/g per parcel.

a. When the liquid, gel, and powder content is less than 10ml/g:


b. When the liquid, gel, and powder content is more than or equal to 10ml/g:


★ Although you are not in China, you might still want to try some Chinese food.
The recent Bestore offers in BBS draw a lot of attention.
There is one thing I have to let you know.
Food products are related to people’s health and they are usually strictly monitored by inspection and quarantine agencies
so there is a chance that your parcel might be confiscated.
The recommended logistics lines are as below:


★ Many users are wondering if the parcel insurance is worth purchasing.
The parcel insurance will minimize your loss when the unexpected happens.
For the compensation standards of all logistics lines offered by Superbuy,

Do you know how to select the logistics line after reading the recommendations?
The 618 shopping event is coming to an end!
However, the 11.11 shopping event will be here in around 100 days.
Shopping makes life better and Superbuy will always be with you when you are shopping.
We strive to provide you with the best service!


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Post time 2019-6-19 09:29:49 沙发
   great   .
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Post time 2019-6-19 10:20:37 板凳
nice recommendations
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