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Quality Products from Tmall 618 Event [Updated]
Post time 5 day(s) ago | Last replied 3 day(s) ago | From China 楼主

Ladies and gentlemen, the climax of the 618 mid-year shopping event is almost here,
have you found the products you want?
I was so excited that I already added many products to my shopping cart.
Besides the beauty products and skin products,
I am planning to purchase some products that will make my life easier.
The discounts are still here, and you should get everything you need!

※During Tmall 618, the prices of the products might be changed
from time to time as the event goes.
The product prices listed below are just for reference.
Please go to the product page for the actual price.
Some products are eligible for the price off discounts.
For details, please pay attention to the notifications on the product page.

◆Cotton Generation Soft Tissue 100*6 Packs (Original Price: CN138, Special Price: CN69 for June 16-18)
The best tissue for your skin! After using the tissues from Cotton Generation, I can never go back.
Use the tissue to wash your face, remove your makeup, or clean the dirt.
It is safe and friendly to the environment. The tissue is perfect for your daily use, skin care, and your children.


◆Usmile Electric Toothbrush (Get the coupon for CN30 off, and buy two to get CN80 off, valid until June 16;
Special Price: CN300 for June 16-18 and eligible for the cross-store price-off offer)
As more and more people are buying electric toothbrushes, international name brands are no longer your only choice.
Usmile is a Chinese brand that makes elegant electric toothbrushes.
The packaging and the look. They are perfect for the girls!
Show your smile with Usmile electric toothbrushes.
They will help remove the stains on your teeth and take care of your oral health.


◆MI AI Speaker (Original Price: CN249, Special Price: CN229 for June 16-18)
Everyone who loves tech products would want a smart speaker. I also need a speaker like that.
Xiao Ai can entertain me when I am alone. She can tell me a story or play some music for me.
Most importantly, you can use Xiao Ai to control other smart devices!


◆Mi Auto Hand Washer (Special Price: CN74 for June 16-18)
Washing your hands is an important part of your daily routine and Mi designed this bestselling machine for that reason.
Mi can sell one hand washer every 6 seconds.
The simple design could fit in any bathroom or kitchen.
Auto detection and smooth foam with SPA-Level plant essence that will help fight bacteria.
I wish there would be auto hair washer and makeup remover in the future.



◆MINISO Fragrance Humidifier (CN109 and eligible for the cross-store price-off offer in June 16-18)
The summer is here and you will need the air conditioner but if you stay in the room for too long,
you might have trouble with your throat and your skin.
Do not worry. The humidifier you need is here! It is a humidifier, a lamp, and a great decoration.


◆Bear Portable Juicer (CN149, claim the coupon to get CN10 off,
eligible for the cross-store price-off offer in June 16-18)
Make some fruit and vegetable juice to help you with your appetite!
The portable bear juicer will help you make various healthy drinks easily even if you do not know how to cook.
You can also carry the included cup around without any problem. You will need it in your everyday life!


◆LOFREE LED Mood Lamp (Special Price: CN189 for June 16-18 and eligible for the cross-store price-off offer)
A quiet night with some gentle candle light, isn’t it perfect?
However, the fire might be a threat to the house and you might want this smart candle light instead.
It saves power and the light is gentle.
The vintage-style premium light could simulate the wavy light of a candle and it will never extinguish!


◆Magnetic Fridge Shelf (Special Price: CN43 to CN132.9 for June 16-18 and eligible for the cross-store price-off offer)
When you leave at the same place for too long,
you will have many items that you have nowhere to put and you always want more storage.
I found this fridge shelf by accident. You can put most of your kitchen gadget on the shelf.
This is what you need (I assume you know my home is full of kitchen gadgets now)!


◆NetEase Lazyman Creative Pillow Desk (Perfect for lazy people, Original Price: CN199, Special Price: CN175 for June 16-18
and eligible for the cross-store price-off offer)
Comfortable, stable, and easy to clean. I already know how to use it before the product is delivered to me.
I can use it to take a nap, I can put food and drinks on it, and I can also work on my bed with it!


◆Multifunctional Hanger Hook (CN9, eligible for the cross-store price-off offer in June 16-18)
When I was browsing Weibo one day, someone said that if you could organize your wardrobe well,
you might be able to found your love! I am not sure if you could find your love but
you only need to spend a little money to make your wardrobe a lot more organized.
This is a helpful gadget that might change your life.


“Go to Tmall to Make Your Life Better”.
To help you make your life better, I will keep searching for the products you might need, stay tuned!
Don’t forget to use Superbuy’s parcel forwarding service for a perfect shopping experience!


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Post time 3 day(s) ago 沙发
pretty good
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