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Updates! What You Need to Know For the "618" Event!
Post time 2019-5-30 17:13:53 | Last replied 2019-10-22 08:16:59 | From China 楼主

"618" is an exciting shopping event, not only for JD but also for Tmall!
Tmall, an e-commerce business giant, has revealed that this year's "618" event
will have the same impact as the "11.11" event.
Taobao platforms like JuHuaSuan, TaoQiangGou, and TianTianTeMai will all join the celebration
with over 100 billion in shopping discounts!
More than 1500 new brands have joined the Tmall before the event starts
and they will all offer great products with discounts.


We expect to see many great offers during the "618" event of Tmall.
Let's see what Tmall's event schedule will look like first!

Important Dates

1. Head Start (May 29 to June 6)
First wave of discounts.
You can use the cross-store CN¥30 off 300 discount coupon when making purchases in eligible stores.
You also have a chance to claim a 50% off discount coupon from the ten thousand coupons section.
The Super Red Packet is also something that you should pay attention to this year.

2. Category Event (June 3 to June 12)
Special offers for a different product category every day.
You can claim red packets (totaling CN¥30 million) through the APP every day during the period.

3. Ultimate Celebration (June 13 to June 18)
The preview of the celebration is from June 13 to June 15
and you have a chance to claim the 50% off coupon every day.
The climax of the event is from June 16 to June 18.
There will be 50% off discounts every hour from 00:00 to 01:00 on June 16,
the red packet rain, and Super Red Packet prize pool will double.
You will be able to enjoy the full discount experience!

Let us know if you want to become the master money saver!
We will help you to reach your goal~~~

1.Super Red Packet
You can use the Super Red Packet from June 1 to June 18 (excluding June 13 to June 15)!
Note: You need to use the red packet that is claimed before June 12 or it will expire after June 12, 24:00.
The red packet that is claimed after June 12 can be used from June 16 to June 18.

Super Red Packet is cash red packet.
You can use it for all types of products and the money will be deducted when you pay for the order.
You can stack up to 10 red packets per order.
You can also stack the red packets with coupons and other promotions
like price-off discounts and direct discounts.

This year's Super Red Packet offers better discounts
and you can claim many different red packets through different ways
like daily check-in, subscribe, and chest opening.
The details are listed below.

Daily Red Packet: There is a chance that you can enter the Super Red Packet section
when you are browsing "618" related information through an APP
that is not Taobao or Tmall (we found it through UC Browser).
You can claim the red packet for up to 3 times per day.
Also, there will be extra red packets on June 1, June 6, June 10, June 11, June 13, June 16, and June 18!
You can get 3 extra draws on June 18 and the chances of you getting the red packets will increase!


Subscriber's Red Packet: Get 3 extra draws and your Taobao APP will receive the notification
on June 18 when you subscribe between May 29 and June 7.
Check-in Red Packet: During June 8 to June 17, you can check in every day
by participating in the Super Red Packet draw at least once a day.
By checking in 3 days, 7 days, or 10 days to get silver, gold, or platinum bundle.
You can also draw the red packet on June 18.
Share Chest: From May 29 to June 7 and June 8 to June 18.
You will be able to get chests by sharing with your friends.
You can get 1 chest for the first share and after that,
you will get 1 chest every time you share with three of your friends.
For each period, you can get up to 8 chests and you can get a total of 16 chests
after the two periods. You can draw up to 16 times!


2. Quantity-Limited Offers
Preview: May 30 to May 31   Official: June 1, 00:00 to 1:00 【the first hour of the day】
Preview: June 14 to June 15   Official: June 16, 00:00 to 1:00 【the first hour of the day】
There will be quantity-limited discounts available for a limited time
during the first hour, all product categories included.
You can get up to 50% off and it will be worth it
if you can purchase the product you want during the period!

3. Red Packet Rain 【APP Only】
First Wave: June 3 to June 12 Main Event
Second Wave: June 16 to June 18 Main Event + Taobao APP & Tmall Homepage
Share CN¥30 million red packets at 9:00 and 22:00 every day during the event.
The red packets can be stacked with any other types of promotions. Don't miss out!

4. Dream Winner
It is another red packet event!
I won a red packet with around CN¥30 inside during last year's "11.11" event.
You can use the red packet to get the discount when placing the order.
You should also test your luck this year.


First Round, Share 100 Million Red Packets (June 1, 00:00 to June 2, 21:59)
How to Participate: "Cat Combination" mini-game, share 300 million red packets,
and win bundles (May 29 to June 15).
Second Round, Share 200 Million Red Packets
and Win 10 All-Year Dream Life Bundles (June 16, 00:00 to June 18, 21:59)
How to Participate: Team up for the "Cat Combination" challenge
and share up to 6 million cat coins (June 1 to June 12).
Combine the cards, play with your friends' cats, and level up your cat fast (June 13 to June 15)

5. Ten Thousand Coupons 【APP Only】


First Wave: May 29 to June 2
Second Wave: June 13 to June 18
Claim 1 million coupons for a limited time and store coupons with different product categories.
Get up to 50% off your favorite products! Good luck, everyone!

Portal to the Main Event:

Alright, this sums up Tmall's "618" event.
I hope you can get the product you want for an incredible price.
Don't forget to use Superbuy's parcel forwarding service for your beloved parcels!



Everything You Need to Know About the JD 618 Event

“What you want is here!”
The slogan is from the popular Chinese idol group Rocket Girls 101
who are invited to the JD 618 Shopping Event.


On May 24, the first day of the shopping event,
JD revealed the poster and the video of JOY STORY II: JOY AND KOI on Weibo.
The story is about Joy, the mascot of JD,
helps the koi to jump over the dragon gate and transform into a dragon.




The story of the two lovely pair was so touching that their emojis quickly appeared on the internet.


"I want it!"


"What happens?"


"I'm here!"

The event successfully caught everyone's attention.
Let's get back to the main topic.

JD has revealed that 2019 618 Event will offer more top products,
customized products, and exclusive products than ever.
The brand manufacturers who will participate in the 618 Event are all prepared.
They will bring the best products available and there will be no leftover products.

What are the top products?
Top products are the most sought-after products of the brands,
including new products and bestsellers.

The biggest mid-year shopping event is here. Are you ready for the discounts?
Let's check the event calendar first.

2019 618 Event is separated into 4 phases:

Preview: May 24 to May 31. Group sales, presales, and new products will be revealed.

Exclusive Sale: The first climax will be on June 1 and there will be
an exclusive section for a different product category every day until June 15.
(Note: Starting from June 1, you can complete the payment for the presale products.
For the actual schedule, please refer to the product description.)

Climax: From June 16 to June 18, there will be discounts and price-off offers.

Last Chance: From June 19 to June 20, the event continues, and you can still find discounted bestsellers.

Event Timeline:

June 1, coupons for all product categories, price-off discounts, starting from 00:00!
June 6, the discounted brand products you want are here!
June 7, Dragon Boat Festival, get 618 coupons for retail products.
June 8, JD PLUS Member Day, get CN¥1000 bundle.
June 9 to June 12, 3C product theme, don't miss out!
June 13, claim thousands of coupons, limited 50% off coupons, are you the lucky one?

Portal to the Main Event:

We hope you can get the products you want during this shopping event!


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