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Children's Day celebration, have you prepared gifts for your kids?
Post time 2019-5-22 12:03:03 | Last replied 2019-10-22 08:17:00 | From China 楼主
Children's Day is almost here.
This is a children's festival.
Besides various Children's Day events,
Gifts must be your children's most anticipated thing!
Mothers, are you wondering what would be a perfect gift for your children?
We prepared a gift list for you,
And you can pick any gift you like.


1. Talking Hamster
Overloaded with cuteness!
The hamster can imitate your speech.
It can also nod its head while talking.
Help your baby learn to talk in a happy way.


2. Plants VS Zombies Launching Set
This toy will remind you of the past.
The simulated battle scene looks just like the real game.
The interesting toy not only tells a story,
but also helps develop the baby's intelligence.
No one could resist it.


3. Finger Basketball Machine
You can play the basketball machine anywhere and anytime.
Not only can the machine help develop the baby's fingers,
It can also help the baby stay focused while interacting with parents.
It is interesting and relaxing.
Pick the one you like from a wide selection of different styles.


4. Animal Toy
Babies love animal toys.
This animal toy offers so many different options
Pick the one you like,
Or collect the whole set.
Turn your home into a toy zoo.


5. 3D Stickers
Handcrafting is an important way to develop a baby's comprehensive ability.
It will help develop the baby's observation and coordination ability.
It will also develop the baby's artistic talent.
This bright-color sticker uses environmental-friendly materials.
Mothers, get this sticker for your babies now.


6. 3D Animal Paper-Folding
Simple handcrafting that requires no scissors.
Easy folding for an easy start.
It can help develop the baby's DIY ability.
Use your fingers to create a world of animals on paper.


7. Loss-Proof Children's Backpack
This animal backpack has a cute appearance.
It is loved by the children.
It features a loss-proof safety function.
Perfect for going outdoor with your kids.


We also prepared the most popular Children's Wear for you.
Do you know how to dress your babies this summer?

1. Chinese Qipao Dress
Qipao is a must-have for girls!
Vivid ink flower patterns.
Help the children to stay away from the weird fashion trends.
Respect the traditional culture,
And keep a pure heart.


2. Meshed Princess Cake Skirt
With this cake skirt,
Your baby will look like a mermaid.
Beautiful color, cute and unique style.
The most popular cask skirt of the year.
You will need it for the summer.


3. Children's Polka Dots Set
The most beautiful polka dots set!
Colorful dots that look like pearls.
Perfect for the summer.
You can also separate it and match it with other outfits.
Cute, sweet, and practical.


4. Striped Dresses for You and Your Child
Perfect summer knitwear.
Dry and breathable material that will cool you down.
Classic stripe design with clean color.
Show off with your baby!


5. Star Meshed Princess Dress
This meshed princess dress is also one of the best ones.
New design with comfortable material.
The dress and charming and perfect.
Put on the dress and become the most eye-catching one in the crowd.


6. Children's Crocodile Vest
The best outfit for traveling.
Comfortable and cute!
No one can resist the crocodile pattern.
Multiple colors available, your baby will need some of these for the summer.


7. Children's Summer Beach Pants
You will need this beach pant
when you take your baby to the beach during the summer!
Cool design with unique colors and patterns.
Everything will be easier with the loose waist and the rope.
Low-profile and good-looking, you will need it.


Alright, that will be it for the recommendation of Children's Day gifts.
Cheers, mothers, have fun with your children and keep your childlike innocence!

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