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#super shopping#
Post time 2018-11-24 17:03:36 | Last replied 2019-2-25 13:57:34 | From Malaysia 楼主
#super shopping# I found superbuy through a youtube video on Taobao shipping tutorial and have been obsessed since and it helped me done my first purchase in Taobao. I've already built out a full shipment and have two more planned in the future! thanks for the amazing service. this 1111 bought a lot of books to study... 60kg omg. but right now I a bit confusing I have seen a lot of videos using the taobao app【海外淘宝】 which 因为马云爸爸的【海外淘宝】是今年双十一刚刚打响的。where has coupon and discount where its mentions much cheaper.是可以直邮,不用经过转运的. I don't know is superbuy is still consider save cheap to use. 感觉use superbuy 没省了很多。

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