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Best Shopping agent and parcel forwarding Service!
Post time 2018-11-12 16:24:02 | Last replied 2019-4-4 02:43:38 | From China 楼主
After you place the orders, you need to choose a company with parcel forwarding service to send your goods overseas. That is The following steps are the parts that I think most people may ignore, and I hope these will help you:
The biggest difference between shopping and parcel-forwarding is that the shopping agent products are paid on the Superbuy website, and the agents will help you order your products from Taobao/Tmall; while the parcel-forwarding business is purchased by yourself. You need to fill in the warehouse address and send your package. Superbuy warehouse will ship your goods overseas to your address when they receive your package. If you have domestic payment method, you can buy it yourself or choose the parcel forwarding service from Superbuy.
The most important thing is that goods from Double Eleven shopping carnival are quantity-limited. Therefore Superbuy agents will be on standby in 24 hours a day on Nov 11th. If it is a shopping agent order, you need to note the purchase time there, and buy the Speedy Response service. Now the Double 11 pre-sale has started, and you can place the deposit order from directly.
What is Parcel-forwarding service? You buy the products and send them to the Superbuy warehouse. Then we help you ship your package to your foreign destination. You need to submit the transfer order first. After your purchase check is passed, you can place the order and send it to the Superbuy warehouse address. Finally you need to add the tracking number to the order after your goods are delivered. It should be noted that:
First, you must submit a transfer order. The agents will review whether your goods can be sent or not, thus avoiding the situation that your  products are shipped while they are forbidden objects. It will waste a lot of time.
Second, once your order is approved, you need to add the tracking number to the order after the seller sends your goods.When the warehouse receives your parcel, they will scan and match the tracking number of the parcel with your order. If you do not complete the order tracking number or not complete it in time, or complete it wrong, all these resulting in the package being stored unsuccessfully in the warehouse. You need to pay special attention to it.
Third, when submitting the parcel-frowarding order, you’d better choose the “open box check”. In this way the warehouse will check the goods and update 3 photos of the product details when they receive the package. You can first check the quality of the goods, and return as soon as possible if there are any defects or wrong quantity.
Fourth, you need to check the warehouse address by yourself as the address may be different in different accounts.
For PC: You can click the 【Forwarding】from the website page and come to (
For APP: After the APP updation, you can find the warehouse address from the home page 【Forwarding】-【Warehouse Address】 and sign in your account. Then you can get the address and ship your products to the address. Here attached the pictures for your reference:
It should be noted that there may be some delay because of the sharp increase number of the Double 11 parcels, the domestic delivery, warehouse check, and the international shipment after submitting packages. If you have any questions, you can consult Superbuy’s online customer service at any time.
Finally, we hope you enjoy the Chinese Double 11 shopping festival in 2018 in an easy and money-saving way from which we have offered here! Welcome to and start your international business trip!

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